Andrew Bogut Points Out Sex Problem at Tokyo Olympic Athletes Village


Milwaukee Bucks center Andrew Bogut

It’s not a secret that the athletes’ villages at every Olympics games are a hot-bed of sexual activity. You have a lot of young people, from all over the world (and likely never to see one another again) in peak physical condition, having just completed a competition with the highest of stakes. It’s the culmination of an event they’ve been training their whole lives (often missing out on socializing) for, and once it’s done the time arrives to blow off some teams.

The Olympics organizers know this, they’re well aware of the sex games that take place every four years (well, now every two). They distributed about 450,000 condoms at the Rio summer Olympics in 2016. The International Olympic Committee has a stated position of encouraging the 10,500 athletes and staff to practice safe sex.

Andrew Bogut

It’s a situation that’s possibly even wilder than what you might see in free porn games. As of yesterday though, it does not seem like the facilities will be equipped to handle the uhm, “workload.” Organizers gave the media a sneak preview of the bedding at the Olympic village, and while it will be extremely eco-friendly, it’s also very flimsy. The athletes will sleep on rather narrow beds made of recyclable cardboard.

Australian basketball player Andrew Bogut, who won a NBA title with the Golden State Warriors in 2015 and was All-NBA third team with the Milwaukee Bucks in 2010, highlighted a “design flaw” on social media.

“Great gesture…until the athletes finish their said events and the 1000’s of condoms handed out all over the village are put to use,” tweeted out the NBA veteran of 11 years and five teams. Thursday.

Bogut quote tweeted an Associated Press correspondent who posted a video of the accommodations.

Andrew Bogut, who is seven feet tall and now plays professionally for the Sydney Kings in his homeland, just isn’t buying the hype that organizers are selling about these beds, which are 2.1 meters (6.9 feet long).

Supposedly, the beds can support up to 440 pounds. So as long as you’re not a sumo wrestler, you’re good to go there. Still, what’s going to happen when a sexual congress in session?

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