Chelsea FC Sale to L.A. Dodgers Owner Todd Boehly Still Faces Hurdles

The Chelsea FC sale to the consortium led by Los Angeles Dodgers Owner Todd Boehly still faces some obstacles, but at least other hurdles are now being cleared. According to ESPN’s sources, the bid led by Boehly “is expected to pass the league’s Owners and Directors’ Test (OADT) in the coming days.” The talks are ongoing, so it’s not totally green-lighted by the league yet, but it’s getting there.

The ESPN report also goes on to say that “a key stumbling block remains as talks between Roman Abramovich and the U.K. government continue.” The issue remains over that massive 1.5M (also reported to be 1.4 million or 1.6 million, depending on the outlet) GBP debt, but other news outlets claim some progress on this front.

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Roman Abramovich Set to Sell Chelsea FC to Dodgers, Lakers Owner Todd Boehly

According to multiple reports out of the United Kingdom, the process of Chelsea FC changing hands is nearing its completion. Todd Boehly, part owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, L.A. Lakers and L.A. Sparks, has successfully led a consortium to buy the storied southwest London Premier League club.

The Todd Boehly led consortium, according to Sky News, have “offered a total price that was slightly higher than the £4.25bn publicly pledged by Sir Jim Ratcliffe, the chemicals tycoon who tried to gatecrash the auction on Friday.” With Boehly, his partner Clearlake Capital, and his cronies now in advanced talks, and having read the preferred, exclusive bidding phase, it appears that Chelsea F.C. will now change hands for over $5 billion.

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Carlos Boozer On His Partnership With a Vasectomy-Specialized Underwear Brand (Exclusive)

As March Madness was commencing, Duke alum and 13-year NBA vet Carlos Boozer debuted a new commercial that was all about ball-handling. But this proven ball-handler was not talking about basketball this time. Boozer teamed up with SAXX Underwear to launch the first-ever vasectomy registry. The VaSAXXtomy Registry is basically a new spin on the traditional celebratory gift registry, and it’s all about giving men a reason to celebrate their vasectomy. 

We covered this, I guess one could say “eye-popping” advertisement at the time it premiered, and we caught up with Boozer at a PointsBet branded event during the second weekend of March Madness.

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Carlos Boozer Exclusive Part 1/2, NBA Legend on Chicago Bulls Chances

As the Chicago Bulls begin the final home stretch of their season, with a contest tonight at the Washington Wizards, we took a look at what we could expect from them this postseason, which will mark their first playoff berth in a half-decade. To break it down we enlisted the help of Carlos Boozer, former NBA All-Star and Olympic Gold medalist. Boozer recently became an Ambassador for Points Bet USA, and we caught up with him at Happy Camper Wrigleyville to talk all things balls.

And we do mean all things balls, perhaps you have heard about his new ad campaign for an underwear brand that caters to men who recently had vasectomies? We’ll save that for part two of this exclusive. For now, we’ll focus on NBA basketball. We asked Boozer, who played for the Bulls from 2010-2014, how far Chicago can really go this season and how they can realize their potential.

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Lakers, Dodgers Owners Make Short List to Buy Chelsea FC


It has the potential to be the all-time highest stakes sale of a sports club, and today we’re getting down to the final contenders. Raine Group, a New York City based merchant bank, is facilitating and overseeing the sale of Chelsea FC, narrowing down the list of “preferred bidders” to just two or three. Originally, it was thought that about 20-30 offers were made to purchase the southwest London club.

On Friday we learned the identity of one member of the short list, a consortium led by Los Angeles Dodgers and L.A. Lakers part-owner Todd Boehly. According to ESPN FC, Boehly’s group “have been informed they have advanced to the next stage.”

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Lebron James, Squid Game Creator Trading Verbal Barbs

The NBA season is very very young but Lebron James and the Los Angeles Lakers off to just a 1-2 start. It’s not a mark you would expect from a team with this much NBA title potential. There is certainly plenty of room for criticism, when it comes to how Lebron and his mates have performed this season, but King James is actually making headlines for his critique of someone else’s work right now.

Perusing headlines on sites like, you’ll find that Lebron James said that he didn’t care for the ending to Squid Game. It’s a Netflix series, over a decade in the making that’s poised to become their greatest ever non-English speaking hit.

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Six Greatest NBA Teams of All-Time

Sports is a multi-billion dollar industry with millions of fans around the world. The NBA alone contributes billions to the national sports industry and is one of the most popular sports in the country. Both the NBA and NFL are arguably neck and neck in terms of viewership. The focus of this article will be mainly on the NBA and the industry contributions it has made through some of its illustrious teams. These teams go down in history as some of the greatest of all time.

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Study Analyzes NBA Franchises By Drafting Ability

nba draft

Each year, new players are drafted to NBA teams in the hopes of becoming rising stars. Many have succeeded in that goal, but what do teams’ drafts throughout recent history say about their performance? analyzed drafts from each team from 2005 to the present to see which teams performed best and which players have had the most impact.

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2021 NBA Mock Draft 7-29-21 Final Update

The NBA Draft is July 29, with the Draft Lottery set to be held on June 22. The Draft Combine will take place June 21-27. Welcome to our first 2021 NBA mock draft, team needs have not been taken into account at this time.

Some player descriptions have been filled out, but the others will be completed at a later date.

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Los Angeles Lakers Still Struggling to Find Consistency in NBA Playoffs


There is a tendency in all sports to be a bit hasty in coming to conclusions. That was the case when the Los Angeles Lakers lost their first game to the Phoenix Suns in the 2021 NBA playoffs.

Powered by strong performances from LeBron James and Anthony Davis, the Lakers got an important victory in the second game to level the series. But as we head into game three of this first round matchup, there are questions that the team is still working towards trying to answer.

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Lakers vs Warriors Playoffs Play-In a Banner Matchup on Paper


In this season of working off a delayed schedule, the NBA has decided to tinker with the postseason format and it’s resulted in a match-up that’s mouth watering, at least on paper. Tonight will see in the Los Angeles Lakers host the Golden State Warriors in a NBA Playoffs play-in game.

This National Basketball Association version of the First Four (so we can call this “May Madness” I guess) features the two teams that comprise the last six Western Conference finalists and four of the last six NBA champions.

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Seven Best NBA Teams of All-Time 


With more than 70 years of history, NBA fans have certainly seen several teams enchant the world with their incredible plays and sensational victories. However,  how would we determine the seven best teams in the history of this competition? 

Despite it being such a difficult task, we asked the help of basketball expert Evelyn Balyton to select these 7 teams. Let’s take a look:

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