Most Popular Startup Businesses in Dubai


The city of Dubai has always been alluring for its locals and visitors. It’s the land where creative ideas are fostered, endless opportunities are given, and businesses grow successfully. In the past few years, Dubai has been transformed into a hub for startups and entrepreneur activities, giving a chance for developers, whether tech related or not, to create creative businesses that will benefit many people. Below are some examples of the most popular startup businesses in Dubai.

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Indy 500, Little 500, Broadripple: Bawdy Tales of Indianapolis Racing Weekend Hijinks

indianapolis motor speedway

A decade ago, I attended my first Indy 500, and it was in the infield.

My people watching that day became an essay which is among the site’s most popular posts of all time. A decade later, I returned to the Greatest Spectacle in Racing, ready once again to regale you with tales of auto racing’s zaniest fans, on racing’s biggest weekend.

This time we added two more settings- the Little 500 in Anderson (about an hour from the speedway) and Broadripple, the neighborhood boasting the hippest nightlife in all of nap town.

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Top Five Christmas Gift Ideas for Football/Soccer Fans


Whether you call it football, soccer, futbol or even footy, you’re probably aware of the beautiful game’s status as the world’s most popular sport. No matter where in the world you’re reading this post, you’re most likely excited about the coming yuletide after this weekend passes.

Christmas is, as the timeless standard says, “the most wonderful time of the year.” But what do you get the football fan in your life so that you can ensure that “this Christmas, will be a very special Christmas?”

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Seven Reasons to Invest in Motorcycle Headphones

By Jason Verduzco

There are many motorcycle headphones available on the market today. It is important to invest in a modern pair because it has many features that will make your ride more enjoyable.

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AVP Beach Volleyball Championships Bring California, Hawaii Culture to Chicago

avp gold series championships

The AVP Gold Series Championships of beach volleyball brought a Hawaii or perhaps California type feel to Chicago this Labor Day weekend. Hawaii and California are two states where the Pacific Ocean coastline, specifically the beach culture, has a tremendous impact on shaping the way of life.

The laid back Pacific beach zeitgeist, which celebrates everything that we (in every state, but especially here in Chicago where we have long and brutal winters) love about summer, came to Oak Street Beach for a four day beach volleyball tournament, capped by Alix Klineman and April Ross beating Sarah Hughes and Summer Ross 25-23 and 21-16 in the women’s final.

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April Ross, Chase Budinger Headline AVP Gold Series Championships Chicago

april ross

Labor Day weekend is coming up which means we say goodbye to summer (sort of), and thus many of us in Chicago will head to the beach one last time. We never need an excuse to go to the beach in the city by the lake, but this weekend we’ll have added motivation to get there as the AVP Gold Series Championships arrives comes to Oak Street Beach.

Chicago, interestingly enough has hosted more professional beach volleyball tournaments than any city not in California. The competition, which begins tomorrow and runs until Sunday, showcases the world’s top professional beach volleyball players with a postcard backdrop.

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Video of Romelu Lukaku Rocking out to Dr. Dre, Showing Off Cars Goes Viral

man united hollywood romelu lukaku

Striker Romelu Lukaku has reported back to Manchester United following his post World Cup holiday.

Lukaku had a fantastic tournament, helping lead Belgium to a historic third place finish in Russia. Before coming back to his club team though, Lukaku posted a video on his Twitter account, set to Dr. Dre’s 1992 hit “Let me Ride,” showing off how he lived large during his vacation.

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Northwestern Football Winning Facilities Arms Race: New Fitz Mahal Photos, Videos

northwestern football ryan fieldhouse

Some call the Ryan Fieldhouse and adjacent Walter Athletic Center “The house that Pat and Pat built.” (referencing Northwestern football megadonor of all mega-donors Pat Ryan and the greatest Northwestern football coach in history Pat Fitzgerald).

Others refer to it as the “Fitz Mahal,” “Taj Fitz,” or perhaps most cleverly, the “Fitz-Carlton.” Wildcat Report summed it up perfectly with their headline “Welcome to Paradise.” However you choose to describe the new Northwestern football headquarters, you’ll inevitably do so in the manner of a person who is extremely impressed.

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Bill Murray Stories: New Doc Exactly What’s Needed Right Now

Paying very close attention to current events these days is a lugubrious chore. Keeping up on trending terms, then seeing why they’re trending, is also currently a very depressing experience.

We really need something and/or someone to step in and remind us all what is actually good about American life. Enter “The Bill Murray Stories: Life Lessons Learned From A Mythical Man.”

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2018 Russia World Cup: Comprehensive Preview Guide


The 2018 Russia World Cup is going to be a very compelling tournament, as there are several countries with favorable odds of winning it all. This tournament is expected to generate record setting numbers all across the board, in every metric that measures the visibility of a sporting event.

So let’s get right to it, here are links to some of The Sports Bank’s more compelling 2018 Russia World Cup feature articles.

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WORST (or BEST) of the Indianapolis 500 Infield People Watching


The Indianapolis 500 is the world’s highest attended single day event. Its total capacity is approximately 400,000 with about 125,000 located in the cheapest and most “festive” seats of the infield.

All newbies marvel at the sheer size of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway upon entering it the first time. The modern day answer to Circus Maximus is large enough to hypothetically house the Vatican, Churchill Downs, Yankee Stadium and the Rose Bowl all at the same time.

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Liverpool FC Fans Encounter Major Travel Problems to Kiev

liverpool fc anfield

Many Liverpool FC fans are dealing with commuter nightmares as they make the trek to Kiev for the UEFA Champions League Final tomorrow night. The Reds will face Real Madrid, and the match-up of two huge brand name clubs with large devoted followings has caused a major hospitality industry ordeal. It’s something all of us can relate to, because if you’ve ever flown a commercial airline, then you know what a catastrophe it can sometimes be.

The airlines industry has really taken the shift to a fee based business model up a notch, charging excessive fees any which way they can, even if they fail to provide the most basic services that they have been entrusted with. Some Liverpool FC fans, however, aren’t even being given the chance to be gouged by pointless airlines fees or victimized by poor service, as Kiev is facing a shortage of landing slots at their two airports.

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