Will Ozzie Guillen Manage The Florida Marlins? Kenny Williams be fired?



As the Chicago White Sox continue to let the AL Central slip away, White Sox fans are beginning to demand changes. Both General Manager Kenny Williams and Manager Ozzie Guillen are drawing the angst of White Sox Fans. With the Florida Marlins getting set to open a new stadium next season, Ozzie living in Florida in the off-season and his ties to the Marlin’s organization, could Guillen be the fighting fish’s new skipper in 2012? As GM Kenny Williams “All In” plan is obviously failing, will his firing be imminent?

The Sportsbank has an inside look at those questions.

Ozzie Guillen could never leave the Chicago White Sox right? After all, he is the manager of your 2005 World Series Champions right? Since 2005, the White Sox have made it to the play-offs once. There have been public twitter battles between Ozzie Guillen’s children and GM Kenny Williams, and obvious directional differences of opinion with Williams on the way a team should be put together. Williams has been a long-time fan of building a homerun hitting team, while Guillen has preached traditional National League, small ball.

With a golden managing opportunity apparently open in Florida, has Ozzie Guillen finally had enough of the Chicago White Sox? GM Kenny Williams?

Ozzie Guillen recently had a interview with Graham Bensinger of Yahoo Sports and said the following:

“(to Jerry Reinsdorf ) If you want me to stay, a lot of things have got to be better.”

Guillen also said that he wants to remain in Chicago. They key part of the interview however came when he was asked about the Marlin’s managerial job:

“It’d be an honor for me to manage the Marlins,” Guillen said. “Do I want to manage the Marlins? No, because I’m managing the White Sox now.”

Is this line not the equivalent of having a crush on another girl, but not dating her because you are in another relationship?

On the other side on the managerial coin is it time for GM Kenny Williams to be fired?

He was given the biggest payroll in team history for a shot at going “All In,” and has produced a team that can’t get above .500.

He acquired Edwin Jackson for Daniel Hudson, who is blossoming in Arizona.

Aquires Mark Teahen for Chris Getz, a good second baseman with more steals this season than Juan Pierre.  Teahen was a bust in Chicago.

Trades Gio Gonzales and others to the Oakland Athletics for Nick Swisher, who had one of his worst years in the majors with the White Sox.

Trades Nick Swisher to the New York Yankees receiving nothing in return.

Manny Ramirez? Yeah.

Acquires Alex Rios and his insane salary, handcuffing the White Sox for years to come.

Signs a 200 strike out per season slugger in Adam Dunn from the National League, who despite having an exceptional career resume, had conditioning questions to a long-term contract, further handcuffing any flexibility for the team to make moves in the future.

Attendance for the Boston Red Sox and Yankees series, normally near sellouts, were down this season and the team in place cannot show enough consistency to grab a winnable AL Central.

I’m usually the eternal White Sox optimist, but my hope for this season is quickly slipping away as I ponder the above arguments that White Sox fans have made to me this year.

So Sox fans are you with Team Ozzie or Team Kenny?



Soxman is a Sportsbank senior contributor and a White Sox columnist and sports reporter for Chicago Tribune Red Eye Edition. He’s also a frequent guest on local television and radio programs in Chicago. You can e-mail him at thesoxman72@yahoo.com or follow him on Twitter: @thesoxman72.


  1. paulmbanks says

    can we be team neither? I guess I have to go with Ozzie though. You didn’t even mention the Jake Peavy deal which is the worst of all in my opinion.

    I’m SO SICK of him. I’d rather have Clayton Richard, who has a sub 4 era, and an actual future in front of him back

  2. Yeah I didn’t mention that one because I thought I’d say the Padres got CHRIS Richard back in the trade. Remember how I alsways used to do that? As we are getting crushed by the Yankees again, I honestly lean towards team Ozzie. Ozzie’s style of baseball worked. Masher ball didn’t.

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