2011 World Series Cardinals vs. Rangers Preview: Taiwan Animation Edition



The St. Louis Cardinals had a rough time in the 2011 regular season. Kind of like the 20o4 World Series championship team that went just 83-79 in the regular season. But with a remarkable run of good luck, they back-doored into the playoffs at the last second, when the Atlanta Braves chokes.

And no one was expecting they would take the National League crown, especially the highly favored Philadelphia Phillies.

Then, the Cards downed the NL Central division champs, the Milwaukee Brewers.

Excuse me for being Captain Obvious, but the Cardinals largely have veteran first baseman Albert Pujols to thank for their wins. But now he’s a free agent, many wonder if he’ll leave St. Louis. And how much the result of this World Series impacts that decision.

But first, the Cardinals face their toughest opponent yet.

Long one of baseball’s worst teams, the Texas Rangers have turned their luck around with the help of slugger Nelson Cruz and GM Jon Daniels. The legacy/influence of Nolan Ryan has helped too.

But without the star pitcher who led them to the World Series last year, can the Rangers keep up their momentum?

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