Oscar Taveras, death, and being a twenty-something

Oscar Taveras

Oscar Taveras died too young, and I hate it.

That is how I feel at the moment. Is it fair to subjectively think that? I don’t know. There is a lot that I don’t know regarding life, death and grieving. What I do know is that everyone does it differently. I did not know Oscar Taveras beyond what I have read about and have seen of him on television. That is how majority have in the few years that the baseball spotlight shined on him.

I never had the fortune of meeting him or interacting with him as a fan, but his death Sunday has had a profound impact on me. How can a stranger do so? There are countless ways, but the reason the death of Oscar Taveras has left me feeling empty is simple: we are twenty-something’s. [Read more…]

When will team sports see a Openly Gay Male athlete?

john amaechi

At the NFL Combine, there was speculation over the sexuality of Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o. And his answer, “far from it, farrrrrrrrr from it” on Katie Couric actually didn’t help things. It just reeks of over-compensation. And Te’o is Mormon, which is so strict it’s like…if Christianity is cocaine than Mormonism is crack.

But this isn’t about just Te’o. Earlier this week Colorado tight end Nick Kasa admitted that during the NFL combine a team asked him if he “liked girls”. Because of Kasa’s comments, the NFL is looking to investigate whether or not there is any truth to Kasa’s claims about questions he was asked during the combine. And now, Michigan State running back Le’Veon Bell is reporting that he was also indirectly asked about his sexuality. h/t Down and Distance

This comes off the heels of a recently retired NFL veteran being out after a fight with his boyfriend over soy sauce led to legal charges.

So when will we see an openly gay male athlete in one of the four team sports?

I think sports may lag the rest of society here, and it could be a long time before we see an openly gay male athlete in the NFL, NBA, MLB or NHL- mostly because of the atmosphere, reputation and language of the locker room. Of course, I regard that as a travesty because if you can integrate lifestyle differences in the military -an even bigger bastion of so called manliness- you can do the same in sports.

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Can the St. Louis Cardinals win it all again?


Will the St. Louis Cardinals go all the way and win the World Series? Or will they get stopped along the way by the Washington Nationals? Here are a few reasons to believe that the redbirds will make it to the top, and win:

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Naked Streaker at St. Louis Cardinals game (photos)


I’ve been told that streaking was considered trendy and popular for awhile in the 1970s. Sounds disgusting and crazy; and not haha crazy like Will Ferrell in “Old School.” There was a crazy streaker at Busch Stadium tonight for the St. Louis Cardinals vs. Philadelphia Phillies game. And word is he really took a beating from the cops when they finally nabbed him.

And if you’re wondering, yes that is the words “Hakuna Matata” tattoed on the side of his torso.

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Already? Stern, NBA Step in it by Nullifying Chris Paul Lakers Trade

On a sports day that had been dominated by news of Albert Pujols leaving the St. Louis Cardinals to head to Anaheim and the Angels, one could have reasonably expected a good night’s rest and relaxation. Instead, sports writers had to put on the coffee and gear up for another huge story, because the New Orleans Hornets stunned the basketball world and dealt star point guard Chris Paul to the Los Angeles Lakers.

The deal would have involved the Houston Rockets as well, and would have sent Luis Scola, Kevin Martin, Goran Dragic, Houston’s 2012 1st Round pick (acquired from the Knicks) and Lamar Odom to the Hornets. The Rockets would have acquired Pau Gasol as part of the trade, but the Lakers obviously would have made out like bandits by both keeping Andrew Bynum and acquiring Paul.

As you surely noticed, there are a lot of “would have’s” in that paragraph. And that’s because the NBA stepped in and nullified the trade.

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What Mike Matheny Brings to St. Louis Cardinals’ Table


Mike Matheny took over the reigns of the St. Louis Cardinals from Hall of Fame to be manager Tony LaRussa. This is the first time since the 1995 season that the Cardinals will have a new manager. LaRussa took over from Mike Jorgensen who took over the Cardinals in 1995 after future Hall of Fame manager Joe Torre was let go.

(editor’s note: this is a guest post from baseball author David Malamut)

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National Apathy for 2011 World Series? New Poll Confirms It


If you’ve said “DON’T CARE!” in reference to the 2011 World Series between the Texas Rangers and St. Louis Cardinals, you’re far from alone.

Poll Position (it’s a survey company, not anything affiliated with strippers) conducted a national scientific telephone survey of 1,110 registered voters.

They simply asked the respondents are you interested in the 2011 World Series?

Of those polled, 55% said no, 36% said yes with 10% not having an opinion (which is another way of saying no). So I think we can drop that whole “national past time” nonsense; if only slightly more than a third of our nation actually cares.

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2011 World Series Cardinals vs. Rangers Preview: Taiwan Animation Edition


The St. Louis Cardinals had a rough time in the 2011 regular season. Kind of like the 20o4 World Series championship team that went just 83-79 in the regular season. But with a remarkable run of good luck, they back-doored into the playoffs at the last second, when the Atlanta Braves chokes.

And no one was expecting they would take the National League crown, especially the highly favored Philadelphia Phillies.

Then, the Cards downed the NL Central division champs, the Milwaukee Brewers.

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