Amid Manchester City Links, Harry Kane Misses Tottenham Training


The Harry Kane to Manchester City transfer narrative has long grown tedious, but it’s about to really get flared up now! Monday brought the day that Kane was set to report to Tottenham Hotspur training, following an extended holiday which came on the heels of international duty with England.

Kane is said to believe he has a gentleman’s agreement in place to leave the club, while Tottenham brass dispute this. It means we could see a “hold out” situation developing, and it will come down to whichever side blinks first.

It has happened before. A star England forward, who plays for a big six club, holding out of preseason training until he gets his big money move to Manchester City? Sounds like Raheem Sterling when he was at Liverpool in 2015. Don’t worry I’m sure the British press will treat Harry Kane in the same manner they treated Sterling at the time.

Can’t imagine the English media covering a white player differently than a black one. Nope. Never. Can’t fathom it.

(Yes, the sarcasm is really being laid on thick here).

City has yet to sign anybody of note this summer, as they have maintained their focus on trying to procure both Kane and his Three Lions teammate, Aston Villa Captain Jack Grealish.

City have placed a £100 million bid on each of them. However, according to Sky Sports, “Kane is valued at upwards of £120m and Tottenham are keen to keep him.”

In other words, this could drag out for awhile, and end up getting rather ugly before it is all settled.

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