Paul Pogba Happier at France than with Manchester United


Because the topic is Paul Pogba, and he’s a Manchester United player, the remarks he made will be hyperanalyzed, and likely misconstrued. Many in the media will read too much into what he said, and then interpret it the Frenchman’s remarks as a major slam against United.

So before we get into the analysis, let’s take a look at what the most expensive player in English history actually said, to French broadcaster RTL:

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“It is a period that I had never experienced in my career before, where I usually always play and always have the rhythm. And suddenly that changes. Little by little, I get my sensations back. I am finding myself again. This is what I have to do all the time and be consistent.”

“The national team is like a window being opened, it is a breath of fresh air. I was talking with Antoine and Raphael on Saturday. We were sat at lunch together and we were telling each other: ‘guys, I don’t know if we realise, but this squad is incredible.’

So 1.) kudos to Pogba for being so open and candid about his struggles with his form right now.

And 2.) it’s totally natural and normal for him to say this, given how he’s been in and out of the team at United, and struggling with his form for the Red Devils.

Meanwhile at France he’s thriving, and he’s won a World Cup with his national team. Whereas at Old Trafford, he really hasn’t won any major trophies yet. No wonder going on international break is a major breath of fresh air for him.

With France, Pogba just made a strong, significant contribution to a side that ousted the defender UEFA Nations League champions, and secured a spot in the final four of that tournament.

With United, well, he’s been mostly a super-sub, and he gave away a penalty in the 1-0 home loss to Arsenal.

While his gaffe was critical to the team suffering defeat, at least he owned it.

And there’s really nothing to gain here if Pogba was being extremely critical of his club, as he’s still negotiating for a new deal. The team has exercised the club option, so he’s out of contract in June 2022.

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  1. Pogba is sabotaging Man U . He must go!!!

  2. Can bet he will be injured after international game

  3. As much as I love Pogba and agree that he has done a lot for United, some of the comments he made in the RTL interview has the potential to burn bridges with his teammates. In the interview Pogba also said, “It’s not that in the club we don’t have fun, but here it’s not the same. We laugh. It’s really a family.” I don’t think this comment was intended to be controversial, however I don’t believe Pogba understands the affects statements like these can have on team morale. Although he most likely didn’t speak these words with malicious intent, if I was Pogba’s teammate I’m not sure how happy I would be reading that he doesn’t view the Man U team as a family-unit.

    I agree that because he’s such a talented player, most statements he makes will over-exaggerated by the media and hyperanalyzed by the public. With that being said, Pogba has made comments in the past that could hurt his relationships with his teammates. For example, he has previously made comments about his rocky relationship with Jose Mourinho to the media. Even though his statements were most likely not meant to be negative, it’s easy for teammates to misunderstand or develop negative feelings towards Pogba or Mourinho which can negatively affect their play.

    Perhaps the reason he is off his rhythm and hasn’t been playing well is because United is lacking team chemistry. Although that’s not completely Pogba’s fault, his controversial statements over the past few years could likely have something to do with it.

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