Jamie Carragher Flips Out at Gary Neville During Liverpool Draw with Watford



Liverpool played Watford to a 3-3 draw today that certainly feels like a loss to Reds supporters. With all the drama and roller coaster of emotion, it was a typical Liverpool fixture. As you could expect, Liverpool fan Twitter is melting down and flipping out.

That includes club icon Jamie Carragher, who swore at Manchester United legend Gary Neville on the micro-blogging platform.

The two men work as pundits for Sky Sports, and maintain a friendly relationship having worked together on television for some time. As you can see from the Twitter exchange below, the duo maintain close emotional ties to their former clubs, and thus the spirited rivalry between the two sides.

jamie carragher

Neville posted a tweeted asking for updates on the Premier League’s opening weekend, while Liverpool was battling Watford to a 3-3 draw on the road. Carragher quote tweeted the posting and added “F**k off.”

This is exactly what social media is about- always amplifying the rhetoric with everything.

That’s some A+ Twitter battling right there, and Jamie Carragher feels the pain of the LFC base. There’s obviously plenty of other examples like this, but this specific Liverpool fan tweet really stood out.

Welcome back Premier League! It’s great to have really meaningful and extremely emotional football again.

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