Chicharito Gives Epic Rant Ahead of Season Opener at Man United



On Sunday, Javier Hernandez returns to Old Trafford for the first time since Manchester United sold him to Bayer Leverkusen in the summer of 2015. The Mexican striker, known by his nickname Chicharito, signed with West Ham United for £16 million this summer, after two years with the Bundesliga side.

He also went on loan with Real Madrid for the 2014-15 season after four years with the Red Devils. During a media opportunity ahead of the Premier League curtain raiser, Chicharito was asked about his countryman Carlos Vela’s decision to join American Major League Soccer expansion franchise Los Angeles FC.


Hernandez got very defensive in his response, attacking insinuations about Vela that he’s somehow less of a player, because he decided to play in a league considered inferior to Europe’s big five, three of which Hernandez has played in. Chicharito made it clear that Vela’s choosing to go the MLS route doesn’t make him any less of a player or a man. He also then segued into an epic rant about his fellow Mexican players and how they are treated and viewed around the world.

“I’m happy if he (Vela) is happy. Anyone does with his or her life whatever he or she wants to do. He did it for a reason, and I know he’ll be happy,” Chicharito said.

“I’m happy to join West Ham. That doesn’t make me any better player or person than (Vela) or Jonathan dos Santos. … I don’t like being used as an example for coming here, because I’m different to them. I’m nothing more of a person or a player, any more ambitious than them. Mexican players must be respected,” Hernandez said.


“If we make decisions in our lives from time to time, and they make us Mexicans proud, what else is there for us to do? We are trying to pursue our own happiness.”

“We have to look at the positive side of things. The fact Jonathan dos Santos has joined his brother, that’s a dream they both had and they lived it while playing at Villarreal.”

“They will be living a better life. Why is that wrong? Why is it that [Mexicans] have to be used to suffering? Because “Chicharito” is in England, in London, playing in a country with a different language, he’s worth it and the rest are not, whenever they are not.”

“They are my teammates and I love them and admire them. I’m tired of looking at the negative side of things whenever questions are made in Mexico — whether we win, lose or draw; whether some guys play abroad, whether they’re pursuing their happiness; whether some players grow.”

mexico el tri

“It’s just about everything. There’s always a negative side to everything.”

Wow! No mincing of words by Chicharito there.

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