Man United Transfer Talk: Mason Greenwood, Christian Eriksen


(Update: in a semi-related story, the rape case/civil suit against Cristiano Ronaldo has been dismissed)

It’s off-season for club competition, international play is almost all just meaningless friendlies currently, so you know what that means? It’s the summer silly season, i.e. time to talk transfer rumors. With that in mind, let’s dive right in to the latest surrounding Manchester United.

The biggest question mark on the club this season, by far, is Mason Greenwood.

Manchester United Summer Transfer Window Keep or Cut Series

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Given what he’s alleged to have to done, with the mountain of evidence pretty damning, he’s a radioactive asset right now. His brand name is totally toxic, through and through.

Yet, the CIES Football Observatory STILL rate him as having major value in the transfer market! Yes, really!

Hard to fathom, but he comes in 29th on their annual list of the 100 most valuable individual players in the entire world.

Yes, indeed this list is anything but an exact science (Although the outlet claims otherwise), and any player is only actually worth whatever a real life club is willing to pay for him in reality, but their Mason Greenwood valuation is set at €81.2M Euro.

Whether that valuation figures in the “off-the-pitch” stuff or not is rather moot. You can’t separate his serious legal situation and place it in a vacuum, separate from his on-the-pitch abilities.

We’ll see what happens with him.

United are pretty well represented on this list, with Jadon Sancho leading the way in 13th place (at 103.2M Euro).

Bruno Fernandes is four spots behind at 98M while Scott McTominay is valued at 67.5M Euros and Harry Maguire made the cut too.

Yes, Harry Maguire, arguably the worst player on the entire team this past season and the most major whipping boy for England and United supporters alike, is 91st, with a valuation of 52M Euro.

Really doubt that anyone would pay that for Slabhead right now though. Elsewhere we have the feel good story of the year in Christian Eriksen. The Dane came back from a near death experience and extremely scary situation last summer at the European Championships to become a regularly featured player for Brentford FC.

The just promoted last summer club is a tremendous underdog story, so their signing of the winger that you absolutely have to root for was a great fit.

You can be a Beeliever in the Bees and a supporter of Eriksen too.

While a return to Tottenham is the more likely destination, United are in for him, reports the Sunday Mirror. Eriksen will soon be a free agent, and Brentford would be willing to make him the highest paid player in their history.

However, they can’t match offers with big six clubs, who have more financial clout.

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  1. Philip james Minett says

    Mason Greenwood should be jailed and all his earnings given to charity, he should never be able to play professional football again,,,he is a dirty selfish waste of oxygen..

  2. Anonymous says

    Do you know his person personally and know these accusations are true? The public shouldn’t judge unless they know the facts to be true

  3. Then should forgive him to play, he didn’t kill person, what ever happens needs solution, no one above the mistake.

  4. Jim Moore says

    If Greenwood is guilty of what he is accused of then he should never play professionally again. The quicker it is sorted the better . The club have to plan as if he has gone. If he is proven innocent he will have a fruitful future ahead . If not then he has only his self to blame.

  5. Thomas Greer Mackenzie says

    Damning evidence ? Stick to journalism, the evidence is pathetic. Look at those so called blood trails, where is the splatter, why aren’t her clothes ruffled. I challenge you to slap me 2, 3, 4, times and try and get blood to flow like that ! The photos could be different people, certainly different skin tones, and why she calls him Mason on the recording ? Who was the intended listener for that 3-6 month old recording, WHY. You have succeeded in winding me up, so as a hound dog journalist maybe you have done your job, but jeez, your opinion is not welcome.
    Why are the police dragging their heels, if the evidence is so ‘damning’.surely if he was a danger to the public he at least should be in custody. If Mason was to offend now, can you imagine the public outcry. The police don’t believe Harlet Robson, why do you ?

  6. Hussein Wycliff lubisha says

    I think Mason greenwood could be allowed to come back amistke is always there and he is a human he has not kill that is something can be solved through talk between to parties

  7. I think he should be allowed to play his a quality player for @manutd remember the United ways!! We never turn down Cantona tho he faced his punishment. But Greenwood a wonderful player please let him play!!!

  8. Anonymous says

    Let the law take its course on greenwood.

  9. greenwood will be back in training

  10. oryema Vincent says

    But they have to investigate well if real video was true

  11. Green mssed u

  12. with many players and some people undermining what greenwood can add on to football, i think once proven not guilty mason will just deliver the unthinkable coming from the best of his effort towards playing football. I wish him the best in his upcoming hearing.

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