Chelsea Team News vs Barnsley: Pulisic, Ziyech, Chilwell, Silva, Kepa


It was an extremely disappointing showing for Chelsea FC yesterday at home against reigning champions Liverpool, but there is almost no time to dwell on it. That’s a good thing, because after a 2-0 loss like that, spotlighting the differences between where your team currently is, and where you think they should/could soon be, the best thing you can do is move on and move on quickly.

That’s exactly what the Blues will have to do, as the next match, an EFL Cup third round clash against Barnsley FC, will be here Wednesday night.

Chelsea had to face without half of their new summer signings (Hakim Ziyech, Thiago Silva and Ben Chilwell) and none of them are expected to feature in this clash. Even if they do reach match fitness in time, which is doubtful, manager Frank Lampard is not likely to risk them in a domestic cup clash such as this.

Ditto for Christian Pulisic, who is still yet to feature in this very very young season. This match likely comes too soon for the American who turned 22 three days ago. Also, he wouldn’t likely feature in a League Cup contest anyway. Another player confirmed out for Chelsea in this one is goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga.

Lampard has already said he’ll go with Willy Caballero in between the sticks.

Watching the video clip above, you can see why he’s getting the drop. His situation will likely get worse before it gets better too with reports claiming Rennes GK Edouard Mendy is on his way too. Yet another player you’re sure not to see here is central defender Andreas Christensen, who was shown red yesterday.

Of course, Barnsley have plenty of issues of their own, as they just escaped relegation from the second tier down to the third tier last season. And while the Blues had one centre back given his marching orders in their last game, Barnsley had two in Michal Helik and Mads Andersen.

With Bambo Diaby also suspended, manager Gerhard Struber will be without the services of these three players, but otherwise has a fully fit squad available for selection.

andreas christensen

Chelsea vs Barnsley FC EFL Cup 3rd Round FYIs

Kick: 8:15 pm, Wednesday, September 23, 2020, Stamford Bridge

Chelsea Starting XI Prediction: go here

Odds: Chelsea win 1/6, Draw 13/2, Barnsley win 16/1

Prediction: Chelsea 3, Barnsley FC 0

Blues second string should be enough to cruise past the Tykes at home.

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  2. What about pulisic chelsea best player for now

  3. It is still early days but Lampard must start taking responsibilities for some avoidable mishaps. He had the excuse to continue to play Kaivert to boost his confidence even though he is not yet having the best of times. This indulgence is because Kaivert is generally a good player in a new league and new environment. The same excuse does not avail Frank Lampard for continuing to play Mount who is having a bad run of form. To even play him as a winger while leaving a natural winger like Hudson Odoi on the bench is a wrong strategy. Lampard was taking two obvious risks. One risk is usually enough. If you consider that Kepa is consistently off form and Lampard is constantly playing him,then that was a tripple obvious risk in one game. Now give me one reason why Chelsea could have won.

  4. Pls lampard wat of rudiger our best defender

  5. I done see what chelsea are playing

  6. please don’t use kepa again
    but what of pulisic

  7. Frank Lampard is not the type of a coach to lead Chelsea FC,, i mean he lacks experience as a coach and we can’t let him grow at a big club like Chelsea, he’s going to cost us a lot

  8. I'm gbajur Christopher iorwuese says

    Lampard did a bad lineup and that is why he looses the match

  9. Lampard will manage chelsea well, he just needs enough time

  10. Lampard shows some racism, he dnt want to use any black player except Zouma, he don’t even need kante the only world class player tht we have plus tomori and rudiger are way more better than his always choice and in the absence of pulisic and ziyech he is still benching odoi who can deliver more better than havertz and mount, we ended up finishing the match against Liverpool without any cross because no one can deliver

  11. Kepa would surely change it just a mistake

  12. Pls wat is wrong with thiago silva he is not on injury still lampard is not featuring him is that the reason he bought him.

  13. Bilyaminu umar says

    Lampard i assure that chelsea is two big team to him, pls just send him to relegated team may be he will learned how to coach team like.

  14. Lamp shd b told to wake up!! Start using yur experiencd players includng d new arrivals esp as soon as they recover frm injuries(Rudiger, Chiwell, Pulisic, Azpi…). Expd Silva shd b used in d nxt Cfc Epl game.. He has no injury. Enough of giving lame excuses.. He shd know dat (he) neds help of his experiencd playrs lik (even) Giroud..etc to boost morale of younger ones to win games. He should also divest himself of ‘Inferiority Complex Syndrome’ esp in big games as exhibited by him & his players in y’strday 2-0 loss to Lfc. With hardwrk, team-wrk, right selectn coupled with Wining Mentality, I believe Cfc present squad (also with arival of Mendy or a more expd keeper) can beat any team in Epl includng MC, MU…n even Lfc whn nxt they meet. Wishng Lamp, Cfc… & mgt gd luck.

  15. Still chelsea is the best team in the world

  16. he suppost to use cabalero on wednesday

  17. Lamps use pulisic,silva,ziyech,chil well to get match fitnes

  18. lamp me yasa baka am fani da giroud al hali wasan jiya shiya kamata kasa gashi kaja mana luzin

  19. what if he win the game?

  20. Every other team has been playing their new players but lampard is seriously complaining fitness and injury problem even Silva who just finished playing championship final was still benched with flimsy excuses which holds no water. He should concentrate in building his first eleven like other teams.experiment all the time Will distroy him.QED

  21. what see this that all this Chelsea medical staff are not getting right at tall since departure of Eva Carnero

  22. Lampard tried, but the game was unlucky for us. You can imagine joginho loosing peballty and in fact all the two goals was not that they play better than us but that they were lucky. Allow coach Lampard to take control.

  23. For me Frank lampard is a racist, secondly, you bought a player and he has said that his natural position is No 10 which everyone of us know, so why using the guy out of position?. Thirdly, why is lampard always interested in England players? Declan Rice or Beans, what is He playing that u insist Chelsea must buy him?. Mason mount features in almost all the games without any tangible impact. Lastly u want to sell ngolo kante, my question is what kind or type of coach are u? The style of playing is even dull and not encouraging

  24. Chelsea+Kepa=0
    Chelsea minus Kepa= Trophies

  25. Lampard shud forget about defenders fr now we hv dem many, that is nt wht we need, i think wht we need is the front we need more wingers

  26. Secondly forget about rice we hv kante who aready hv Chelseas expirence, we all know that we lack wingers since William was sold ad perhaps ziyech ad pulisic are injury players wht will happen to us wen d both go injuries so we need more wingers ad forget about midfielders

  27. Febby Kasanyinga says

    Kepa you are done fall

  28. Let lampard use pulisic in nest match to get fit good luck

  29. I hope Lampard isn’t just assembling this team for another Coach. He needs to get his acts together, enough of the useless risks and innovations.

  30. Werner needs a support At the front his style of football isn’t just a top 9

  31. The Blues need to put forceful shots into penalties.
    Jorginho is good but Allison has his measure. Enough power and pen against L’pool is NOT saved.
    Lampard knows how to take a penalty. Hazard knows as he reads the GK. However Jorginho it seems doesn’t.

  32. Please larmpad need time to settle because of injuries in term

  33. Please larmpad need time to settle because of injuries in the team

  34. I think lampard should stop be using kai havertz as a winger

  35. lampart pls dont enjoy us line up the team well.capalero,jame.alonso,zuma,silva.kante,odoi,kovac,Geru,mount,werner.

  36. Hello this is baysman
    I think all defenders are silly and they can
    never challenge like premier league and coach also is growing

  37. Donkor Gideon says

    Chelsea is to big for Lampard ,his choice of selection us not the best.How can bench odoi and use mount and kai wen the all the same style of football.Instead of starting giroud at strike and Werner should strike for the wings.

  38. Who on earth can give his child a snake instead of fish.I think in terms of signing,chelsea are fun of signing injured players, which they end up being flop..e.g Drinkwater and now is Ben Chilwel…and chelsea need experience coach like Luiz Enrique….

  39. Lampard needs time as a chelsea head coach like wise his players.they will bounce back.odoi has not been working very hard in training says lampard and i believe him.even when odoi has time of play he failed to convert his chances of scoring and he has been in the club before pulisic who is shining for kepa he is a good keeper.we all make mistakes.there is no mistake without correction.chelseafc fans cheer game will be different,

  40. Thomson Mwiinga says

    Lampard, you hired a defensive coach to master our defensive problems but if remember last season Antonio Michael beat Christensen and scored a winner against westham , despite that loss Lampard has continued partnering a coward Christensen with Zouma while Rudiger is left out bcoz he is black like Zouma. Now you want Rice to replace Kante bcoz of colour while Ondoi is warming the bench bcoz Mount has your favorite colour, but before your arrogance eats you up, all the number of players you requested on all positions have finally arrived at the Bridge at a huge cost and not for colour but for producing positive results. You must also remember that Chelsea is bigger than Lampard. Your Arrogance will soon show you the exit door ?

  41. In fact we need immediate change if we’re to challenge for the title…….

  42. Lampard pls wake up before it’s late I don’t want to end the season with trophyless

  43. Lampard need to go out of Chelsea because he don’t no what is doing there he just leaning work in Chelsea….the boys are too big for him to coach

  44. Samson Joseph Willie says

    Pls pls Frank really messed this team with his choices of players, I see no reason frank shld benched roudiger,silver even Tomori,Frank is a sentimental coach,it annoyed me becuz frank didn’t knw this a club which and a lot of ppl watch it and love it,why did he took
    Decision on his own and cuz us to loss the game,why did he spend such of amount with weak players,Liverpool bought players and they featured for the game arsenal also when Fanadess for man united came he played well without any excuse, silver played last championship with beryan and both played last week ,which match fitness Frank is talking abt here,talk abt next game westbrowish is a sml team if frank win them is nothing for me,is wen u compete with club like Liverpool, man city man unit and won that wen I believe u can do it nt playing a relegated club and won,u get happy have won a game,Frank shld really mind wat is doing in diz club,mount shld rest for now den rather use werna right wing den odoi left wing,oliver strike pls enough is enough, we can start now to be losing home game is a very big disaster for us.

  45. It seems people here don’t watch football. Just empty talk. It’s been two minutes and you’re already saying lampard out?! Nauseating

  46. Wait kepa needs tym the pressure in him is too much that’s why he’s making mistakes and frank I wish u get sucked chelsea is not your kind of team pls abramovich think about it with all the money u wasted

  47. Frank Lampard is not a fast learner as a coach. what we saw in Chelsea’s last two opening games of the EPL was just the continuation of last season. chelsea’s main problems are in the defence and between the sticks yet Lampard is too sluggish to address that despite over 200 mil. Sterling Pounds given to him. His former internationals, Chelsea’s former team mates, sports analysts…have all given him ideas but he feels bigger and better than them all.
    My simple and direct message to Frank is: wise up and address the weakness ASAP or you will soon be shown the exit door. In Chelsea we are used to winnings.

  48. Why are u branching Thiago odai u should allow harverzt in midfield only if dahs isn’t place in midfield bearnch him

  49. osalakyo mohammed okala says

    please lampard dont use kepa again. please use Cabellaro, games, zouma, chiwell, silva, kante, mount, havertz, ziyech, pulisic, werner. please be always use this lineup.

  50. edeh chinonso kingsley says

    Frank is a nice player at his time!
    his first season was nice.

    but why did he start hating black players.
    odoi is a natural winger, why him on bench

    this is suppose to be our line up on Sunday
    James. Silva. Zouma. Alonso

    joginlho. Kante. havertz

    odoi Oliver. Werner

    I think this is good line up for Liverpool

    stop recism by want to sale kante and buy rice
    bench rudigar and Christensen
    bench odoi and always start mount.
    you are nice coach, but calculated well.

    God bless the queen
    more beautiful years ahead amen.

  51. Lampad Out
    Keper Out

  52. Timo werner need a medfielder, like fabrigas,alcantara,tony kroos,luka modric, not as kovatic or joginoh. Because both are not fass passing and if look at the way werner is playing, he need that kind of game. Secondly kai is a standard no 10 in his playing esperience. Lastly kepa is not support to feature as a first place for chelsea fc.

  53. Lampard is to small to coach Chelsea fc, with his sentimental way of selection I think he needs to go back to a relegation club. Imagine he want to use Chelsea fc to where they train England feeders. Benching Azip for James and playing players out of position for mount to fit inn is a mind blowing, we have keeper but we don’t have coach and medical team.

  54. Everyone is just exaggerating what’s the need of getting rid of Lampard when he entered there was no quarrel.. When he made the signings there was still no quarrel now all of a sudden he’s wanted out…I wonder if u guys really watch football to see that of Lampard is actually a great coach for someone who just spent a year in the premier league… Worked on the academy and beat top clubs like City and Liverpool last season there is no need to complain because if ur giving the opportunity u won’t do any better

  55. Lampard need to know the differences between this season and last season. He fighting for top4 but now Blues need trophies, wake up please.

  56. Why wasting money on Delcan Rice again? You have spent a lot yet we have not seeing result of the money. Why are you so interest in England players that they don’t give a good returns……pls stop wasting money and use what you have at hand

  57. Kepa is not the problem of the team, Lampard is the problem, I don’t see the reason why you don’t put Kante to standing 4 for you why using that Italian man, then place Kai haven’t to 10 role so that the game can be balance, this game of Liverpool, Lampard for use Giroud as a front Man. Please don’t always use MOUNT if you want to win game.

  58. The problem lampard have is the team selection

  59. why is lampard not using thiago look at Liverpool alcantara arrived 2 days ago and he just played

    azplicueta our captain can player better than Alonso azplicueta helps in crossing the balls inside the box which Alonso did not even attempt to do against Liverpool

  60. The problem lampard have is the team selection

  61. EDWIN GABRIEL says

    Realy u guys all speack well, the problem we are having now is lampard does’t use expirense player like giroud,rudiger,silver and many other expirense player.pls chelsea is’t the term that u will be playing with.take note

  62. Lampard is a racists

  63. lampard is strong man he needs more experience to use players like odoi.silver and etc

  64. Musibau Timilehin says

    No matter what happen, Chelsea is still the best team in premier league

  65. I think lampard should be given a warning we can’t be winning a game and losing the next he is not consistent.

  66. i think lampard should gave warning or he going to finish us we fans

  67. still time. with injuries hw do u expect to win lvpool without star like pulsic and hakim

  68. Michael m Dualy says

    Lamp is the problem behind this club,he’s doesn’t know how to pair these players,infact he love to use inexperience players,all those he brought he keeping them for what,lamp need to go to choching seminar

  69. Lampard is trying please live him alone

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