How will Chelsea FC Handle the Eden Hazard Void?


eden hazard

It certainly would not be hyperbole to state that Eden Hazard formed the heart and soul of Chelsea’s forward line. In the 2018-19 season, he led the club’s scoring charts. With 16 goals and 15 assists in the 2018-19 season, he spearheaded the club’s forward line, sometimes almost single-handedly. 

Pedro was the club’s next best goalscorer. He scored eight goals and recorded two assists. This speaks volumes about the team’s over-reliance on Eden Hazard.

eden hazard

But now, he is gone. The lad from Belgium decided to ply his trade in the La Liga. Real Madrid, in a bid to beef up their attack, signed Eden Hazard for a fee of €100 million. Chelsea fans were left heartbroken after the striker’s move to Real Madrid. The Belgian striker’s move to Real Madrid did not come as a surprise. Hazard was quite vocal about his dream to play in Spain. 

Eden Hazard’s departure seems to have left a huge void. In Chelsea’s season opener against Manchester United, the Blues were seen going down like ninepins. To make matters worse, Leicester City drew with them in their second match of the season. If you wish to catch some breathtaking football action, then get your tickets booked at Tic Flip

olivier giroud

Here are a few things that Chelsea can do in order to move over Eden Hazard:

Senior players need to step up in Hazard’s absence

This goes pretty much without saying. The likes of Azpilicueta, Olivier Giroud, and Callum-Hudson-Odoi need to step up in Hazard’s absence. All of them are experienced campaigners and proven match-winners. They possess the power to take the game away from the opposition. It is time that other players within the side make peace with Hazard’s departure. Somebody (preferably Callum-Hudson-Odoi) needs to step into Hazard’s shoes. The Blues need a striker to spearhead the club’s attacking lines. Odoi, with all his aggression and speed, happens to be the club’s best choice. 

Tammy Abraham can be given a few chances

Hazard’s absence allows the club to push their youngsters into the fray. Tammy Abraham, a product of the club’s youth academy, can be given a few chances against some of the weaker sides. In all fairness, Tammy is an efficient goalscorer. In 37 games of Aston Villa during the 2018-19 season, the 21-year-old scored 25 goals (wow, these are staggering numbers).

Can Frank Lampard motivate his troops?

Lampard, himself a former Chelsea veteran, needs no introduction. He has led the side on a number of occasions. Now, he will have to motivate them to play as a cohesive unit. Traditionally, Lampard has been a popular figure in the dressing room. He is known to possess the calmest of heads. It would be interesting to see how he goes about his business. 

callum hudson-odoi

Can Callum Hudson Odoi make his presence felt?

Here is another youngster who needs to make his presence felt. Odoi is an exciting prospect and Chelsea’s think tank cannot afford to bench him for long. Now that Hazard has left the club in order to explore greener pastures of Madrid, the time is ripe for Odoi to make his presence felt. Fortunately, Chelsea have some excellent raw material to work with. The likes of Tammy Abraham and Hudson Odoi can become Chelsea legends if handled and nurtured properly. 

Okay, so here we are. The 2019-20 season of the Premier League is underway. Chelsea, in the absence of Eden Hazard, have a real task at hand. They need to get their act together quickly. Traditionally, Chelsea FC is known for its undying fighting spirit. Atrocities and hardships bring out the best in them. 

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