Penn St Update: Paterno Released from Hospital, QB Suffered Seizure, Concussion



Joe Paterno was released from the hospital yesterday as he continues his rehabilitation from his broken pelvis. He’s also continuing treatment for lung cancer.

According to a source who told ESPN, the treatments are “really taking a lot out of (him)….he has his good days and bad.”

Then there’s QB Matt McGloin who was beat up by wide receiver Curtis Drake on Saturday. They argued over miscues on the practice field, leading to Drake confronting McGloin at his locker and the brouhaha began.

McGloin suffered a seizure and a concussion after the fight.

“Both of our momentum just pulled us both towards the ground and as my shoulder hit my head it snapped on the ground. That’s pretty much it. Next thing I can remember is waking up on the stretcher,” he told the media Monday.

“I’ll take repsonsilbity for what happened, I shouldn’t have sat there, I should have been man enough to walk away, as the quarterback of this football team I shouldn’t have let another incident happen to this university,” he later told reporters.

He will not practice today and his status for the Ticket City Bowl is unclear.

McGloin has thrown 1,571 yards, 8 TDs and 5 INTs this season, completing 54% of his passes, but throwing for a miniscule 6.8 yards per attempt. Drake has just 5 catches for 102 yards and a TD on the season. McGloin has tried to contact Drake, but they haven’t connected yet. He said he holds no ill will towards Drake.

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