Penn St. QB Beaten up by Wide Receiver Teammate



Penn State starting QB Matt McGloin‘s Twitter account was just deleted. After he claimed it was hacked earlier. Why is this interesting?

Because rumors are that he got beat up tonight by his own teammate, WR Curtis Drake.

And unlike what happened in the Jerry Sandusky shower scene witnessed by Mike McQueary, police were called to the scene ASAP.

Which means this really must have been a bad scuffle.

From The Big

According to’s Ben Jones, Penn State quarterback Matt McGloin was involved in a fight with teammate Curtis Drake in the locker room today following practice. @NateBauerBWI tweeted the info.

I’m being told after today’s practice, Matt McGloin and Curtis Drake got into an old-fashioned, heated, ‘altercation’.

Just so I can be clear, it’s been described to me as ‘serious.’ This wasn’t just a few shoves.

Source said McGloin hurt in the ‘altercation.’ He was ‘knocked out.’

Penn State released a statement on the incident.

I know, I know this is quickly becoming the post of 100 sources and outbound links, but this is you know, “scandal”  involving Penn St. football, news of that sort is just such a “rarity” these days.

“Penn State Police were called to the football locker room this afternoon to investigate a report of a fight between two members of the Nittany Lions football team — Matt McGloin and Curtis Drake — after they finished practice. McGloin was taken to Mount Nittany Medical Center where he was examined, treated and released.

Campus police and Penn State’s Office of Judicial Affairs will investigate the incident and report results as they would for any other student involved in an incident on campus.”

Looks like PSU football might be learning a thing or two about improvement crisis management because they got their controlled message out there with a very quick turnaround this time.

The PSU passing game has been a sick joke this season. But who knows? Myabe the quarterback and one of the wide receivers engaging in fisticuffmanship may help things?

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