Past College Football Weekend: Wacky Videos and Billboards


Yes, we know conference realignment/expansion looks ugly, greedy and makes ZERO geographic sense, but remember the entire point of four 16-team super-conferences is…College Football playoffs! With four 16-team leagues, you get 64 teams, plus conferences big enough to eventually implode the BcS. so we’ll finally have PLAYOFFS instead of BcS nonsense

This is overdue and well worth the side effects. It’s like government or sausage, you like the taste, but no one wants to see it being made.

And you get hilarious billboards like posted above.

Texas A&M fans put it up in Waco, the heart of Baylor country (h/t Kegs n Eggs)

(h/t to Larry Brown Sports) Check out these two old ladies shot-gunning beers at the Michigan Wolverines game

Damn this Kentucky Wildcats fan is a really good dancer; especially for an old guy (h/t to Guysim)

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