2020 NBA Mock Draft 9-6-20

NBA-mock-Draft-sacramento kings

The NBA Draft is now scheduled for October 15, with the lottery having taken place on August 25. This  is our very first edition of the NBA mock draft, post lottery.

If you’re into mock drafts, then you hahev come to the right place. Here is the link to our final MLB mock draft, the NHL mock can be found at this link and the 2021 NFL mock draft is available at this link. As far as we know, we’re the only mom and pop shop, independently owned media outlet that produces a mock draft for all four sports.

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Calipari on Potential Rupp Arena Name Change, Team Protests

In a media zoom call scheduled specifically for a discussion on the hiring of Bruiser Flint as a new Assistant Coach, John Calipari covered a vast array of topics. The University of Kentucky head coach was asked about:

COVID-19, the chances of having a season amidst it, backlash for his tweet about getting getting his team registered to vote, the on-campus conversation about potentially re-naming Rupp Arena, former UK Associate Athletic Director DeWayne Peevy taking the A.D. job at DePaul, a potential series with the Blue Demons) and what his thoughts would be if his players wanted to stage a protest against social injustice.

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Kentucky-DePaul Series? DeWayne Peevy and John Calipari Weigh in

When DeWayne Peevy introduced himself to the DePaul community yesterday, as the new Athletic Director, he threw down the gauntlet to his longtime colleague and friend, University of Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari.

“That’s going to be the first thing I’m going after,” Peevy responded when asked on a media Zoom call about trying to schedule UK. “Cal, if you’re listening, get the phone ready.” Peevy then made it clear he doesn’t want a home and home series; they have to come to Chicago.

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DePaul Aims to Emulate Kentucky in Hire of New A.D. DeWayne Peevey

The University of Kentucky is the most successful NCAA Division I basketball program in history in terms of both all-time wins (2,320) and all-time winning percentage (.765). DePaul University men’s basketball has finished last or tied for last in the Big East in nine of the last 11 seasons.

However, there was a time, and it wasn’t all that long ago, when DePaul was THE winter sports team in Chicago. Four decades ago, they were ranked the the #1 team in the nation. In 1979, they went to the Final Four. In those days, the Blackhawks weren’t televising their home games, so they were still somewhat obscure.

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College Basketball Season Will Be Lost Too, Unless Major Course Reversal

When our current President referred to “shithole countries” he really should have been about us. Not socioeconomically of course, but intellectually. We lost Big Ten and Pac 12 (still awaiting the decisions of the other Power 5 conferences, as of this writing) college football today.

Why? Because we never got serious about a real, unified plan to try and combat the coronavirus pandemic. It’s a once-in-a-century kind of crisis, and we’ve had it front and center in our lives, everyday, for five months. Yet here we are, because our country is too stupid and too disorganized and too divided to get our act together.

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Coach Cal: “we’ve got to go with the science” (to have Hoops this Year)

University of Kentucky Coach John Calipari met the media, virtually, via Zoom this morning for a session that focused primarily on his recently having partnered with the McClendon Foundation.

Calipari will work with other college basketball coaches to help launch the McLendon Minority Leadership Initiative (follow this link for more), but one of the main takeaways from the session was Cal’s thoughts on whether or not we’ll have a college basketball season in 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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John Calipari Pleads Strongly: “just wear a mask”

University of Kentucky Coach John Calipari met the media, virtually, via Zoom this morning for a session that focused primarily on his recently having partnered with the McClendon Foundation.

Calipari will work with other college basketball coaches to help launch the McLendon Minority Leadership Initiative (follow this link for more), but the main takeaway from the session was Coach Cal’s pleas to “just wear a mask.” The Wildcats head man said this phrase a few times, and he’s absolutely right to keep repeating this message. Simply put, a lot of people are just not listening, and they need to finally “get it.”

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Kentucky Wildcats: Detailing Most Comprehensive Roster Overhaul Yet

There is always a ton of turnover, every offseason, in Lexington. The Kentucky Wildcats college basketball program, the bluest of the blue bloods, sees its fair share of one-and-done and two-and-toodle loo every year. This year, you have a three-and-flee in there as well.

Factor in the transfer market, which seems to be getting busier by the season, and there’s a record (tied) amount of departures from UKMBB this spring. This past season, shortened by the covid-19 pandemic, saw eight players out the door, tying the 2011-12 and 2016-17 for the most all-time. You also have some incomings to discuss and analyze. Let’s take a look at who is gone and who is coming in to replace them.

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Stellar Kentucky Wildcats Guard Duo in NBA Draft to Stay

Within the past 24 hours we’ve seen the top two players, arguably, on the University of Kentucky declare for the NBA Draft in guards Tyrese Maxey and Ashton Hagans. Both backcourt stars are not testing the waters, they’re in the draft to stay.

And you got to like their chances of not just being drafted, but also making it big in the league given the UK track record in this arena. If you look at the basketball betting odds, chances are that you’ll see the favored team with a squad that contains at least a couple former UK Wildcats. In fact, players who were coached by John Calipari in college have earned $2.2 billion in NBA contracts.

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Kentucky Wildcats Transfer Johnny Juzang Down to Six Schools

Kentucky Wildcats wing Johnny Juzang announced on Saturday that he entered the NCAA transfer portal. Last night he tweeted that he’s down to six choices when it comes to his next destination: Notre Dame, UCLA, Arizona, Oregon, Villanova and Texas Tech.

No matter where he ends up, he’ll be a big difference maker. Let’s take a closer look at what Juzang, ranked the No. 34 prospect by the Recruiting Services Consensus Index, brings to the table and how he can help his next team.

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John Calipari Gives Conditioning Advice for Quarantine

The new normal for sports media consists of Zoom, Cisco WebEx and teleconferences. Gone are press conferences and locker room access. For athletes doing strength training, the new normal consists of bench press pressing tires, pulling/pushing motor vehicles and jumping on to garbage cans.

They’ve had to say goodbye to the weight room and any kind of training in groups. Kentucky Wildcats coach John Calipari, while on Zoom teleconference with the media, pointed out the challenges basketball players have right now to stay in shape and keep their skills fresh.

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John Calipari Gives Updates on Draft Process, Recruiting, More

Zoom, WebEx, Skype- this is our lives as sports reporters for the foreseeable future. It’s an adjustment to be sure, but it’s still a bit weird. It’s what we all have to do though, as every single one of us must mobilize for the greater good. We all miss March Madness of course, but there is absolutely no way the games could have been played under current conditions.

In a year with no clear favorite, Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari had a team that could have definitely won it all. Betting on UK in the NCAA Tournament has a been a profitable endeavor over the years, as this accumulator calculator can show you. With eight NCAA Tournament championships and 17 Final Fours in their history, a lot of people have won green betting on big blue.

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