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This year’s upcoming season of mediocre-to-slightly-above-average college football in Hotlanta will not be enough to distract Ramblin’ Wreck fans from the fact that they are on probation for four years and just had the 2009 ACC Championship stripped and vacated.

I’ve always said stripping of titles and wins are pointless. They may be removed from the media guides and programs, but they won’t be erased from our collective memories. Yet in this instance, vacating a title actually might have some teeth. The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets don’t celebrate conference titles very often. The ’09 conference crown was their first since 1990, when they won a share of the national title.

Of course, it is the ACC. And winning that conference is kind of like being the richest man in Detroit. Not the richest man in Joliet, IL (that would be the Sun Belt Champion). But anyways, GT avoided any major problems like being taken off television or being ineligible for bowl games, so they have that going for them. Which is nice.

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2010 was: mediocre and blah. But it was also BORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRING as they ran an offense that fits right in with Army and Navy. It’s fitting because Tech went 6-7, losing to Air Force in their bowl game. Maybe they should leave the ACC and become independents with the service academies. They have similar colors and all run the same system. The Jackets finished one spot from dead last in the nation in passing offense. Running their triple-option, the need to pass didn’t come up very much. They also finished 114th in punting, so they might want to fix that issue this year.

BMOCs: “Welcome to Atlanta, where the playaz play and we ride on dem things like every day.” QB Synjyn Days, a redshirt freshman who is elusive, with home run threat speed. The dual threat could push junior Tevin Washington for the starting gig, maybe. But this offense is all about the ball-carriers, and Hoddy Jones looks like he’ll be the real deal. The OL is led by Jay Finch; one of the finer Centers in the college game. WR Stephen Hill, should the Yellow Jackets ever actually pass, is a stud.

2011 will be fruitful if: Al Groh’s 3-4 scheme takes hold and the players buy in. Groh has a ton of coaching pedigree, but Tech gave up at least 20 points to every non mid-major team they faced in 2010. LBs Julian Burnett and Jeremiah Attaochu will be the bellwethers. The secondary will break in four new starters, so it’s on the front seven to make it happen and pick up the slack.

2011 will be awful if: The inexperienced OL fails to open up running lanes, and pass protect the 7 times a season that the Jackets throw the ball. But I believe in Paul Johnson, and his program didn’t get hit that hard by NCAA sanctions. It was a typical case of the cover-up was worse than the crime. Had they complied better, this would have been much easier.

Bottom Line: In the ACC anyone can go 6-6, since the conference is a crapfest. (But hey, at least it’s not as bad as the Big East). Tech has one of my all time favorite fight songs by the way. And how awesome is it that they use the phrase “Go to hell Georgia” in it?

GT Rankings: #50 Athlon, #46 Lindy’s, #54 Phil Steele


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  1. you’re a jackass

    and its “To Hell With Georgia!”

    you’re an idiot btw

  2. paulmbanks says

    HAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAA. I’ll take a bow on that one.

  3. sportsfan says

    Your article is horribly inaccurate in a dozen places. You got the phrase wrong, misspelled player names, and you clearly didn’t read the actual NOI, NOA, or findings from the NCAA.

    Quit whatever drugs give you the confidence to think you have enough talent as a journalist to eschew research completely.

  4. GT passes seven times a season? Last year, Tech averaged 13 pass attempts per GAME.

    Hoddy Jones? His name is RODDY.

    Synjyn Days for BMOC? Are you kidding me? You can’t compete for big man if you’re not even a starter.

    Steven Hill is a stud? Now I just KNOW you didn’t do any research for this article. To those of us who actually watched GT last season, that statement is absolutely laughable.

    “Go to hell Georgia?” Get the F@CK outta here. Clearly you have no standing to be writing a series of articles about college football, because you can’t get right the most major tradition of one of the historically best colleges in the country.

    Finally, no one cares if you think the offense is boring. To most football-heads, it’s more exciting than some stupid pass-first, flag-football-derived spread offense. At least the flexbone has a wealth of hard contact, as well as high-speed misdirection and deception. The option’s also one of the most reliable and time-tested paradigms in the history of football.

    Boring? I’ll tell you what’s boring. This article.

  5. I’ve never seen this crapfest of a site before. Did the author write this while drunk? If I write a comment on a site nobody reads, does it really exist?

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