#72 Colorado Buffaloes: College Football 77 in 77


Last year I was not very high on the Colorado Buffaloes heading into college football season, and the C Buffs did not disappoint going 3-10 and losing 7 in midseason. Well actually, they did disappoint, quite a bit, just not me because I had zero expectations for Jon Embree’s group. I have a similar negative outlook for them this year, I predict a seventh straight losing year in Boulder.

Colorado will be one of the youngest teams in the nation, and starting over with a new quarterback; one that we’re not even sure on, so they’re going to have some major issues.

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Iowa Hawkeyes Welcome Back Heisman Runner-Up QB Brad Banks

Former University of Iowa All-America quarterback Brad Banks led the 2002 Hawkeyes to a Big Ten co-championship; a perfect 8-0 league mark and an 11-2 overall record. That team made their first ever BcS appearance vs. USC in the Orange Bowl.

Banks was runner-up to USC’s Carson Palmer (you might have heard of him, he made a lot of news with the Cincinnati Bengals lately) in the 2002 Heisman Trophy race. So Palmer essentially beat him twice- for the Heisman, and in the bowl game. But Banks won the AP college football player of the year award, Davey O’Brien Award as the nation’s top collegiate quarterback. He was also named Big Ten Player of the Year and the Big Ten’s Most Valuable Player.

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#18 West Virginia Mountaineers: College Football 77 in 77

The tallest midget. The most intelligent Kardashian sister. The most interesting reality “star.” The richest man in Joliet. The least fattening funnel cake. These are all synonyms for the best team in the Big East. Yes, it’s a super conference in college basketball; but in college football…well, I’ve already thrown up enough this week.

And in 2011, the most sober frat boy award goes to…..the West Virginia Mountaineers. Hey someone need to snag that BcS bid.

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#23 South Carolina Gamecocks: College Football 77 in 77


Of all the 1990s trends that have thankfully died out, I was really glad to see an end to all those STUPID white hats that frat-boy douches used to love wearing. The ones reading “BEAVERS” in huge letters with “Oregon State University” just below in smaller font.

And of course “COCKS” with “University of South Carolina” just above the brim.

“It’s funny because it’s slang for genitalia! HAHAHAHAHAHA.  It works on so many levels. OMG ! That’s just too EFFING FUNNY! That is so clever, interesting, and unique. Please tell me where I can get one, so I can be witty and original!!!!!”

But hey at least the South Carolina Gamecocks had some fake, bandwagon fans for awhile because of these hats. Ok enough bread and circuses, let’s talk SC FOOTBALL! Place at the table!

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#27 Air Force Falcons: College Football 77 in 77

it really is the very definition of irony. The Air Force Falcons college football team, rarely ever attack their opponents through the air. They finished in the nation in passing. The service academy that runs our deadliest of war machines, the air planes and jets, actually does all it’s work on the ground- through the rushing obsessed triple option attack.

In this game of football, a metaphor for military combat, maybe the Air Force Falcons should be renamed the Ground Attack Coyotes? AF’s QB Tim Jefferson is a dual threat, and one of the best signal callers in school history. He won’t pass much, but can if he needs to.

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#36 Iowa Hawkeyes: College Football 77 in 77

iowa basketball

What’s the key to the Iowa Hawkeyes having a much better 2011 than 2010?

“Got to make sure we’re practicing well, and we go eliminate off-the-field distractions, and making sure we’re finishing games,” wide receiver Marvin McNutt told me at Big Ten  media day.

So all those off-the-field distractions were they a big reason the team went downhill fast toward the end of last season?

“Personally I think it did, but it also comes down to execution in the 4th quarter that was a huge part of it,” McNutt answered.

There were marijuana offenses among the skill position players, controversy stemming from the multiple player hospitalization following a conditioning session and the Iowa Hawkeyes took home a #2 ranking in a dubious category. Among the national preseason top 25, only the Pittsburgh Panthers had more players get arrested.
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College Football 77 in 77: #45 Syracuse Orange

syracuse orange mascot

The Syracuse Orange are one college football team that no one can seem to figure out in 2011. Take a look at the end of this article at their rankings in the three publications I quote at the end of every 77 in 77. Notice how their placement is all over the map?

The consensus idea is that the football team at this college basketball school will rely on an emerging offense to carry a rebuilding defense in 2011. This is reversing the trend from last year when a pathetic offense was consistently saved by a stellar D.

If you’re looking for a wild card this fall, the Cuse may just be your team.

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College Football 77 in 77: #49 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jackets mascot

This year’s upcoming season of mediocre-to-slightly-above-average college football in Hotlanta will not be enough to distract Ramblin’ Wreck fans from the fact that they are on probation for four years and just had the 2009 ACC Championship stripped and vacated.

I’ve always said stripping of titles and wins are pointless. They may be removed from the media guides and programs, but they won’t be erased from our collective memories. Yet in this instance, vacating a title actually might have some teeth. The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets don’t celebrate conference titles very often. The ’09 conference crown was their first since 1990, when they won a share of the national title.

Of course, it is the ACC. And winning that conference is kind of like being the richest man in Detroit. Not the richest man in Joliet, IL (that would be the Sun Belt Champion). But anyways, GT avoided any major problems like being taken off television or being ineligible for bowl games, so they have that going for them. Which is nice.

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