#30 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets: College Football 77 in 77

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Paul Johnson has made quite a name for himself at Georgia Tech. His quirky 1940s style pass the ball only if you have a gun to your head and you really have to offense has worked rather well.

It even put a WR, Stephen Hill into the NFL the triple option offense did. QB Tevin Washington could be just alright, and the Yellow Jackets will be a winning team. Or he could be special, Al Groh will do magic with the defense and Tech could be in the ACC title game…or anywhere in between.

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College Football 77 in 77: #49 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

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This year’s upcoming season of mediocre-to-slightly-above-average college football in Hotlanta will not be enough to distract Ramblin’ Wreck fans from the fact that they are on probation for four years and just had the 2009 ACC Championship stripped and vacated.

I’ve always said stripping of titles and wins are pointless. They may be removed from the media guides and programs, but they won’t be erased from our collective memories. Yet in this instance, vacating a title actually might have some teeth. The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets don’t celebrate conference titles very often. The ’09 conference crown was their first since 1990, when they won a share of the national title.

Of course, it is the ACC. And winning that conference is kind of like being the richest man in Detroit. Not the richest man in Joliet, IL (that would be the Sun Belt Champion). But anyways, GT avoided any major problems like being taken off television or being ineligible for bowl games, so they have that going for them. Which is nice.

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