Jim Boeheim Strongly Defends Syracuse Asst. Facing Molestation Allegations



Late Thursday night, news broke of allegations against Bernie Fine, an assistant coach under Jim Boeheim in the Syracuse Orange college basketball program. A former ball boy, Bobby Davis, now 39 years old, claims that Fine molested him hundreds of times.

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Jim Boeheim defended Fine in an interview with the New York Times. Actually, he emphatically defended Fine. Here’s an excerpt from Pete Thamel’s column:

Boeheim also said that it seemed “a little suspicious” that Davis’s relative decided to speak to ESPN in the wake of the Penn State allegations.

“I believe they are looking for money,” Boeheim told ESPN. “I believe they saw what happened at Penn State and they are using ESPN to get money. That is what I believe.”

“I’ve known Bernie Fine for 45 years, and there’s absolutely no way that I believe any of this could possibly have happened,” he said. “That’s the bottom line.”

Boeheim also disagreed with specific parts of Davis’s story. Davis told ESPN that Boeheim had seen him “all the time in the hotel rooms, on road trips,” relaying a specific story that Boeheim had scowled at him when he saw him in Fine’s hotel room.

Boeheim also mentioned the 2005 University investigation that ended prematurely due to lack of corroborating evidence. Today, a second accuser against Fine has come forward, but he happens to be a relative of Davis. It is not known at this time if the Syracuse city police are investigating his claim.

Boeheim went out on a very public limb for his guy; a gutsy statement at a time so early in the investigation. If more evidence breaks later, he could regret these statements. However, right now its looking like a battle of he said vs. he said.

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  1. Why is it gutsy for Boeheim to go out on a limb for Fine? Even if he turns out to be guilty the fact that Boeheim defends him shows the good character of the head coach. Plus it ends any thoughts of Boeheim previously knowing about this, like in the Penn State situation.


  3. Ends any thoughts of him previously knowing about this? Huh? He KNEW about it. They INVESTIGATED the guy already. Just like Sandusky was investigated you nimrod. It’s EXACTLY the same thing, except Boheim isn’t a celebrity. Will someone please explain to me how Joe Paterno caused these kids in Syracuse to be molested, why Boheim, the AD, and the Chancellor should step down, and a grand jury convened? Anyone? Anyone?

  4. Oh yes, so eloquent DEdwards…Boeheim out of line? The guy who has spent more time with Bernie in the last 40 years then anyone on this planet has no idea what he might be doing on BASKETBALL road trips??? Go spew your ignorance on the Penn State story. You might be right there…By the way eloquent in your simpleton terms means flowing, nice, or smooth… Sarcasm on full blast my man…

  5. ArkAssassin says

    Agree with CuseCager. So long and now all of a sudden one accuser? It’s about time we start penalizing the accusers when it turns out to be BS. Otherwise, hang ’em by their balls!

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