Exclusive: How Jim Nantz and Pat Sullivan Saved One Shining Moment


(Editor’s note: in honor of the national championship game tonight, we are re-running this exclusive that originally ran in 2014.)

When you watch the iconic “One Shining Moment” video montage tonight after the national title game, take a minute or two to think about how it nearly disappeared. If it weren’t for the combined efforts of broadcaster Jim Nantz and former UNC Tar Heel Pat Sullivan, the March Madness staple would have been cut 29 years ago.

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Today, you just can’t conclude the NCAA Tournament without it. And this astonishing fact makes it all the more unbelievable that CBS was once oh so dangerously close to giving it the axe.

Then CBS Sports Creative Director, the late Doug Towey, first decided to use “One Shining Moment” to close the network’s the 1987 Tournament. The positive public response back then led to it becoming an annual feature.

“Doug heard it and thought this could be our going off-the-air piece in the Final Four, and we’ve played it every year since,” Jim Nantz exclusively told The Sports Bank in 2014.

The One Shining Moment of that year is embedded below:

“I’ve led to it on a number of occasions, Greg Gumbel now leads to it and it brings closure to a three week festival. The building still has thousands of people lingering, standing still for that three minutes,” he continued.

In 1992, a Tar Heel state duo (Nantz was born in Charlotte) saved the emotionally inspiring montage from the cutting room fllor.

“The sixth year it ran, it was going to be the last time we were going to run it. They thought it was getting stale already. And I said guys, I beg to differ,” Nantz continued.


“There’s a whole audience out there that waits to see that at the end, you can’t dispense with it. You can’t bring another one in.”

“In ’92 we already ran credits over One Shining Moment, so it was already bastardized, if you will, but as I was on the floor with Billy Packer and we were interviewing Dean Smith after the Championship win over Michigan, I heard a kid from North Carolina, his name was Pat Sullivan, singing One Shining Moment over my shoulder as the players were all huddled around,” Jim Nantz explained.

While the broadcast was cut to commercial Nantz asked Sullivan if he would sing a lyric or two, if he were to stick a microphone in front of him upon returning from commercial.

“Absolutely! Yeah Yeah Yeah,” Sullivan and his teammates exclaimed.

“Waiting for the cue, back in five and go. Here with Dean Smith and Billy Packer, congratulations on another national championship and all of a sudden he starts singing and as soon as Dean finished, I said hey, Pat Sullivan what is that you’re singing?” Nantz explained.

“One Shining Moment,” sang Sullivan.

north carolina

The rest, as they say, is history. At that moment, Nantz and Sullivan saved One Shining Moment from the sword of Damacles, and forever made it a college hoops “tradition unlike any other.”

With no tournament last year, due to the pandemic, we obviously did not have a One Shining Moment, but this guy, made the quarantine edition, which was extremely creative, humorous and true to life. And in this version of 2020 reality, the Big Ten FINALLY ends its national title drought/championship game hex:

The celebrated version of the song performed by the late Luther Vandross will be shown as usual after the title game concludes tonight.

In 2016, NE-YO became the fifth artist to perform “One Shining Moment,” joining its composer David Barrett, Teddy Pendergrass, Jennifer Hudson and Vandross.

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  1. A nice song but I’ll be honest the moment it starts I flip the channel and I’m done with college basketball for the season.

  2. This song is an icon! If it ever is removed or replaced, I really may stop watching the final game. No one could have ever written a more suitable or touching song for the NCAA Basketball Championship. Thanks Jim Nantz!!!! Keep fighting the good fight.

  3. Laurence Albert says

    If it’s not broke don’t fix it. Along with the video montage this is a perfect way to end the college season. Sometimes you have to leave well enough alone.

  4. Anonymous says

    Why chad tonight and no shining moment

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