Friday’s NCAA Tournament Gambling Guide


By Paul Schmidt

After a mediocre Thursday saw me essentially break even, I vow that Friday will be better.  Or not. Either way this will be the quick pick edition of this spot, mainly because I have a young child teething and barely slept last night. I’m not sure if I’m even writing this right now or hallucinating it. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow…

As always, these lines are reflected by what is posted at the Harrah’s Casinos in Las Vegas. This is an exercise for fun only….

Syracuse -16.5 vs. Vermont: I heart the Catamounts. Not this much. Pick: Syracuse -16.5

Florida State -1.5 vs. Gonzaga: Lead pipe cinch alert!  Go Zags or go home. Pick: Gonzaga +1.5 (also consider the money line).

West Virginia -17.5 vs. Morgan State: Maybe Todd Bozeman can find a way to steal a victory for Morgan State.  Maybe not…Pick: West Virginia -17.5.

Clemson -1 vs. Missouri: Ugh.  Just ugh. Go with the better team. Pick: Clemson -1.

Temple -3.5 vs. Cornell: Cornell is everyone’s darling. Temple should have been a three seed. Bad matchup for the Big Red…Pick: Temple -3.5.

Wisconsin -10 vs. Wofford: Wofford played both Michigan State and Illinois well on the road and feature a dangerous inside-outside game.  Maybe they don’t beat the Badgers (though I wouldn’t rule that out), but they will keep it close enough to make it a game. Pick: Wofford +10.

Duke -23 vs. Arkansas-Pine Bluff: blah blah blah APB has played a tough schedule blah blah blah. They beat no one and played no one as tough as Duke.  Don’t get cute here. Pick: Duke -23.

Louisville -1 vs. California: This line is all over the place.  You might even find Cal as a favorite someplace.  I like the Cardinals regardless in this one. Pick: Louisville -1.

Ohio State -17.5 vs. UCSB: Welcome to the big kid’s table Evan Turner. The nation wants to meet you. Pick: Ohio State -17.5.

Oklahoma State -1.5 vs. Georgia Tech: Oklahoma State is a solid team, and Georgia Tech, some people debated whether or not they should even be in the field.  And yet this line is only 1.5?  Hmmm…Pick: Oklahoma State -1.5.

Pittsburgh -10 vs. Oakland: Well, maybe the Big East isn’t as good as we all thought. Pitt can still bomb Oakland, right?  Is Hammer still their ball boy? Pick: Pittsburgh -10.

Xavier vs. Minnesota, PICK: Hmmm…I like Minny in this, I really do.  But I really wanted some points to go a long with it.  And yet, here we are.  Still, I like what Minnesota showed over the last 10 games or so, and Xavier has a tendency to be just as inconsistent as the Gophers, so…Pick: Minnesota PICK.

Michigan State -13.5 vs. New Mexico State: This is just too many points. Sparty, you’ve burned me too often before…Pick: New Mexico State +13.5.

Maryland -9 vs. Houston: I’m terrified of Tom Penders coaching a double digit seed — but won’t Grievous Error or whatever the Terps’ shooting guards’ name is go off and win this game?  Right? Pick: Maryland -9

Texas A&M -3 vs. Utah State: I have always loved me some Utah State, but I can’t in good conscience make this pick. The Big XII Aggies are legit, and should out-athlete the WAC Aggies. Pick: Texas A&M-3

Purdue -4 vs. Siena: I’m surprised this hasn’t gone down, and goodness knows I love me some Siena almost as much as I love some Utah State. But I think Purdue is being undervalued here.  This Siena team isn’t as good as prior versions, and it will show against even the shorthanded Boilers. Pick: Purdue -4.

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