Erin Andrews Gives CANDID Interview in August Marie Claire Magazine

Two years after the infamous peephole video, ESPN reporter Erin Andrews still can’t escape it – even though she put her stalker behind bars. As Andrews gears up for college football season, and her increased media presence that always accompanies it, she sat down with Marie Claire to discuss the public and private battles she’s still waging. Below you will find an excerpt from the story, “The Haunting of Erin Andrews,” which appears in the August issue of the magazine as well as the magazine cover image.

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Friday’s NCAA Tournament Gambling Guide

By Paul Schmidt

After a mediocre Thursday saw me essentially break even, I vow that Friday will be better.  Or not. Either way this will be the quick pick edition of this spot, mainly because I have a young child teething and barely slept last night. I’m not sure if I’m even writing this right now or hallucinating it. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow…

As always, these lines are reflected by what is posted at the Harrah’s Casinos in Las Vegas. This is an exercise for fun only…. [Read more…]