Auburn Football Dominant! Auburn Basketball Not So Much


Auburn Cheerleaders

Call it the yin and yang, synergy, or perhaps the great universal balancing act of the greater cosmos, but Auburn University college football and Auburn University college basketball are polar opposites.

Indeed the school in Alabama is essentially the even Stephen of college sports when you weigh Cam Newton, Nick Fairley and the football national title up against the pathetic train wreck that is their men’s basketball team.

By Paul M. Banks


Watching AU on the gridiron is as aesthetically pleasing as viewing Megan Fox in a bikini. Observing AU hoops is like  seeing Rex Ryan naked.

Auburn scored a grand total of 6 points in the first half of a home loss to LSU this past Saturday. They shot a whopping 8% from the field in that game. Sadly for them, this is not the low point of their much worse than it looks on paper 7-9 season. The Tigers have been defeated by this collection of mighty opponents: UNC-Asheville, Samford, Campbell, Jacksonville, Arkansas-Pine Bluff, Rutgers, South Florida and Presbyterian.

I have no clue how they upset a decent Florida State team, but after their signature win over the Seminoles, their resume of victories includes: South Carolina Upstate, Grambling State, Georgia Southwestern, Georgia Southern and Middle Tennessee.

I’d elaborate further about what an embarrassment they are to SEC basketball, but this exercise has already given me an ice cream headache.


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