Auburn fans join forces with Notre Dame (photo)

auburn dance team

It happens every BCS title game and Final Four- the decision to root for the team from your conference or against them. When it’s your bitter rival that’s in the finals of college basketball or college football than the decision is probably much easier. It certainly seems that way for Auburn Tigers fans. They’ve joined with Notre Dame against their in-state rival Alabama Crimson Tide.

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2011 NFL Mock Draft FINAL 4-28


It’s HERE! The big night has come. NFL Draft round one. No more need for hyperbole, let’s get it started. I’ll be co-hosting an internet radio show for the round. Go here to listen

Cam Newton should be the first overall pick; according to a majority of NFL mock drafters.

Go here to check out round two. Also athird round HERE.

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For reaction from last night’s first round go here

By Paul M. Banks

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2011 NFL Mock Draft 4-26

2011 NFL Mock Draft 4-19

2011 NFL Mock Draft 4-12

Auburn Football Dominant! Auburn Basketball Not So Much

Auburn Cheerleaders

Call it the yin and yang, synergy, or perhaps the great universal balancing act of the greater cosmos, but Auburn University college football and Auburn University college basketball are polar opposites.

Indeed the school in Alabama is essentially the even Stephen of college sports when you weigh Cam Newton, Nick Fairley and the football national title up against the pathetic train wreck that is their men’s basketball team.

By Paul M. Banks

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99 in 99: #95 Auburn Tigers

Auburn Cheerleaders

UPDATED: Friday August 20, 2010

Our first update to one of our teams in the Sports Bank‘s 99 team college basketball preview in 99 days.  Auburn took a major hit with news that two expected impact freshmen did not qualify academically and will not enroll at the university.  If I could, I would easily move the Tigers down to the bottom spot in this series that ranks the 72 power conference teams and top 27 mid-majors.

By: David Kay
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