2011 NFL Mock Draft 4-19



  1. you have tyron smith to the lions at 13 but the description is for solder, who isnt in your first round at all …

  2. to the fins at 15*

  3. Hinkleyhick says

    Solder is NOT the type of tackle the Packers are looking for because he is weak against corner rushers and would get Rogers killed. Either Watkins(OT/OG) – Houston(OLB) – Reed(OLB) will be the pick here if available.

  4. paulmbanks says

    @Michael. thanks man! Yeah there are some hotties here.

    I’ll go check out your link.

    I went with what I think is gonna happen, not what I believe should. I DON’T get the Gabbert love, I agree. He’s a 2nd rate system QB, slow release, was kind of fat for part of the season.

    Yet all the scouts supposedly love him.

    @Ben and @Hinkley.

    good catch, thanks for seeing that. need to fix

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