Playboy modeling Mississippi State Cheerleader Taylor Corley: where is she today?

taylor corley

Update: Taylor Corley a.k.a. Taylor Stone is a real estate in Jacksonville, Florida

Remember Mississippi State cheerleader Taylor Corley who did Playboy under the “pseudonym” of Taylor Stone and lost her Mississippi State cheerleader scholarship because of it. (Don’t laugh, colleges actually do give out scholarships for cheerleading). This happened a couple years ago. Well that freshman Mississippi State cheerleader left school and made an appearance on the web television show “The College Experiment.”

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#45 Mississippi St Bulldogs: College Football 77 in 77

taylor corley

“Mississippi Queen…..” I don’t know the rest of that Lite beer commercial song. I’m not much for classic rock. But I do know the term certainly applies to Taylor Corley, also known as Taylor Stone the girl who gave up her MSU cheerleading scholarship to pose for Playboy and start a reality tv “career.” Click on her name to see more of her.

But there’s much more to the Mississippi State Bulldogs than a cheerleader posing nude. There’s CB Johnthan Banks (that’s not a typo, his name is Johnthan, not Johnathan) who could be among the first corners taken in the NFL Draft next April. And a defense that could help them make some noise in the SEC.

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#25 Mississippi State Bulldogs: College Football 77 in 77

taylor corley

When last we left the Mississippi State Bulldogs, they were pounding the Michigan Wolverines 52-14 in the Gator Bowl. Well, maybe not the last we saw of them, if you watch spring football. I wish people where I come from would care much more about spring college football. But they don’t, not like you people in SEC Country do- God bless ya!

The Bulldogs helped to get Rich Rodriguez fired, capping off a 9-4 season where they went .500 in conference. They’ll face another rough slate in the rugged SEC West in 2011.

Go here for more on Taylor Corley (Taylor Stone), the MSU cheerleader who left the squad to do Playboy magazine and start her reality television

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2011 NFL Mock Draft FINAL 4-28


It’s HERE! The big night has come. NFL Draft round one. No more need for hyperbole, let’s get it started. I’ll be co-hosting an internet radio show for the round. Go here to listen

Cam Newton should be the first overall pick; according to a majority of NFL mock drafters.

Go here to check out round two. Also athird round HERE.

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For reaction from last night’s first round go here

By Paul M. Banks

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2011 NFL Mock Draft 4-26

2011 NFL Mock Draft 4-19

2011 NFL Mock Draft 4-12

2011 NFL Mock Draft 3-25

NFL Mock Draft 3-8-11

2011 NFL Mock Draft 2-16-11

Taylor Corley Leaves Miss St Cheer Squad to Pursue Reality TV Career

taylor corley

You remember Taylor Corley, from a few posts ago right? She’s rather memorable, she’s the Mississippi State freshman cheerleader who did Playboy under the “pseudonym” of Taylor Stone. Some people in the harshly conservative deep south thought MSU should discipline her for doing the spread. But Corley was not sanctioned by the University because she wasn’t even part of the University when she did the photo shoot.

So they were cool with it? Not so much.

“I am no longer cheering for (Mississippi) State,” Taylor Corley announced on  the radio show Memphis Sport Live.

“Me and my coaches decided that it was either Mississippi State cheerleading or my Playboy career. Pretty much the decision was made for me that I was no longer going to be cheering for them.”

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