2011 NFL Mock Draft 3-25

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  1. Panthercougar68 says

    Your assessment of the Panthers is a fail. Yes QB and DT are needs but “uhmm everything” isn’t. We have Young D ends and a solid secondary. The oline needs dept not a whole new line. We had 2 pro bowlers last year on the line along with 2 rookies that weren’t supposed to see the field. We have the top LB core but are gassed by the end of the game since they see the field for more then 3/4 of the game. Were not a good team but were not as bad as our record indicates. Do your homework.

  2. Niners were awarded two compensatory 7th rd picks, giving them 12 over, most in the NFL. Given Harbaugh has so many picks, he and GM Baalke could well trade down from #7 to go after Ponder or Locker and get yet another decent pick (13). Thought process is with that many picks, they’ll draft two QB’s, one early, another late. They also may use some of their later picks to trade up in a given rd, to go after other players.

  3. paulmbanks says

    @Frank I like your reasoning and ideas…that could conceivably happen.

    @Panther it’s a joke man, chill. I would agree that Car has some pieces on D. read our new post about the Panthers on how their draft sends signals about how long the lockout will last.

    You’ll see we even-handedly address the weaknesses and strenghts

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