The Latest Sporting Events You Should Be Betting On


Are you the type of individual who absolutely loves taking a risk? If you’ve answered yes to this question, there is a really good chance that you love betting on sports. After all, this can give you a big adrenaline thrill. The only problem is that there is a risk involved. Nevertheless, you’re having a good time and there is a real possibility that you’re going to be making money in the future. So, which sports should you think about betting on in the near future? Within this guide, you’ll learn about the latest sporting events that you should be betting on.

NHL Playoffs

Hockey is an intense sport with plenty of bumps and bruises. The game is really one of a kind. If you’re a fan of the high intensity, you’ve probably been following along with this year’s playoffs. And, you already know that this season has been unlike any other. The final games will pit the St. Louis Blues against the Boston Bruins. That is like a flash from the past. Plus, it is hard not to be a fan of the Blues at this point in time. The Bruins tend to have a bad attitude and this makes it easy for fans to hate them.

Plus, the Blues were an underdog coming into the playoffs. Nevertheless, they managed to turn it all around. Now, they’re just four games away from taking home the Stanley Cup. If you’re a risk taker, it is a good idea to bet on the Blues. They might be the underdogs, but they’ve already shown that they can pull off the upset. Choosing the Bruins is the safe bet, but you’re not going to earn nearly as much.

NBA Playoffs

The NBA playoffs have been equally exciting and they’re far from other. We’re down to just three teams now. The Bucks and Raptors have found themselves in a heated competition with one another. Their series is tied up at two games apiece. Meanwhile, the Golden State Warriors absolutely destroyed the Trail Blazers. Their fourth win secured them a spot in the NBA finals. So, who are they going to be playing against? The Raptors are number two and the Bucks are number one. Is it really any surprise that the games are so tight?

To make the most from your bet, you should choose the Toronto Raptors to go all the way. That is pretty unlikely, but it is still a good bet for a real risk taker. If you want to play it safe, you should go with the team that has the most experience. That would be the Warriors. Either way, you can guarantee that the playoffs are going to be fun for the entire run. When you’re not betting on sports, you should play online at Game Joker123.

UFC Fight Night: Gustafsson Versus Smith

There is no doubt that you can make a pretty penny betting on combat sports. In the old days, boxing ruled the game. Today, it has stiff competition from the UFC. Gustafsson and Smith are scheduled to fight on June the 1st. The main card will start at 1 PM Eastern Time and will be hosted in Stockholm, Sweden. The card has a few good fights that you’ll definitely want to bet on. Be sure to check out Jimi Manuwa fight Aleksandar Rakic. You’ll also want to consider placing a bet on Volkan Oezdemir and Ilir Latifi. Finally, you cannot ignore the main event.

Alexander Gustafsson and Anthony Smith have found themselves in similar situations. Both have fought for the title and both have come up short against Jon Jones. The biggest difference is that Gustafsson has done it twice. His first fight with Jones was very competitive. As of late though, he has looked like a shell of his former self. As for Smith, he lost to Jones in his last fight. Now, he will attempt to rebound with a big win. This is definitely a compelling fight for fans and gamblers.

If you’re looking for the biggest payout, you should certainly think about putting a big bet on Anthony Smith. He might be the underdog, but he has the potential to pull off the massive upset and that could earn you a massive payout.

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