Mike Pence, Donald Trump Sports “Boycott” Inspiring Wagering Now


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At this point, anyone who’s been paying attention and possesses a basic adult human intellect realizes that Mike Pence was simply pulling a blatant publicity stunt at last Sunday’s Indianapolis Colts game versus the San Francisco 49ers.

Upon “leaving in disgust” at the national anthem protests, Pence then commenced a twitter storm which consisted of obviously pre-planned statements and talking points.

The former Indiana Governor had a fundraiser to attend in California that night, and he tweeted a photo of himself at a Colts game from three years ago. If this shocks you, then I’m actually quite surprised that you’re even reading this, because our readers are way too intelligent for falling prey to such blatantly obvious hucksterism.

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The sports wagering world sees the obvious ruse of the Vice President as well, hence in order to wager on the Mike Pence walkout being staged, the odds are 1/100 at OnlineGambling.lv

You can also bet on the manufactured outrage Donald Trump has inspired in his racist and bigoted base by picking a pointless fight with the NFL. Remember, this culture war Trump is trying to incite only serves two purposes and two purposes only.

First it distracts America from the incorrigible corruption, gross malfeasance and egregious ineptitude of his administration.

Secondly, it gives him an opportunity to strike back at the NFL, a league that wouldn’t allow him own a team in the 1980s, so he tried to sue his way into the league by fielding a competitor league, which he then inadvertently destroyed.

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It’s also worth noting that hundreds of Notre Dame students walked out on Mike Pence when he gave the University commencement address this past spring…in his own state. 

Mike Pence and Donald Trump Odds via OnlineGambling.lv

Odds the NFL bans Mike Pence from attending games: 1,000/1
Odds the NFL bans Donald Trump from attending games: 1,000/1
Odds Mike Pence walks out of another NFL game this season: 4/1
Odds Mike Pence walk-out was staged: 1/100

Odds the next Pence and/or Trump walk-out is at an…
• NBA Game: 2/1
• MLB Game: 5/2
• MLS Game: 5/1
• NHL Game: 6/1
• NASCAR Race:  50/1
• FIELD: 20/1

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