Top 10 Interesting Sports Facts


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Each of us is connected with sports in one way or another: someone is doing sports at home; someone is performing at a professional level. And there is also an army of those who follow the athletes and their achievements from the outside. Nevertheless, some moments still remain a mystery for many. Let’s check the most interesting facts about sports.

#1 — Why Wasn’t Boxing Always a Sport?

Boxing was legalized as a sport in 1900 only. Prior to that, it was considered too cruel and unsuitable to be shown to the public. In the 20th century, boxing became the most popular sport in cinema. And this is how it has started.

#2 — What Are Golf Ball Dimples for?

Dall dimples on the ball are needed to increase its flight range. Thus, the air flowing around the bumpy ball reduces the vacuum wake created by the velocity. And the boundary layer of air near a smooth ball does not have time to go beyond its backside. Therefore, a zone of reduced pressure is created, which decreases the speed significantly. An interesting fact is that most golf balls have between three and five hundred dimples, with an average depth of about 0.010 inches. The lift and drag of a golf ball are very sensitive to groove depth: a 0.001-inch change in depth can drastically change the ball’s trajectory and the total distance it can travel.

#3 — What Does Freestyle Swimming Mean?

Freestyle swimming means exactly what the name says: a sportsman is allowed to swim in any style. The restrictions are only applicable to the combined relay: here a freestyle swimmer is allowed to swim just as one wishes but not breaststroke or butterfly stroke. However, the overwhelming majority of athletes consider this or that kind of crawl as a freestyle.

#4 — What Is Cristiano Ronaldo’s Last Name?

You will be surprised to know that Ronaldo is not a surname but a second name of the athlete. Cristiano was called in honour of the US President Ronald Reagan, who had been an actor before his presidential career. The footballer’s father adored movies with his participation. That is, Cristiano Ronaldo is a double name, and the full name of the football star is Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro.

#5 — Why Does Tennis Score So Weird?

Initially, the counting system was associated with the position of the hands-on clock, which counted points in quarters — 15, 30, 45, and 60 minutes. However, later, in France of the XIX century, with the development of tennis, the number of 45 was replaced by 40. However, these were not the only attempts to change the number system to a simpler one; the scores were supposed to have been changed from 1 to 4. However, these attempts were unsuccessful.

#6 — How Much Does a Hockey Gear Ammunition Weigh?

Hockey is a very traumatic sport. With this in mind, it is no wonder that the equipment, especially the gear of a goalkeeper, must protect most of the body since the athlete is always under the threat of a blow. Hence, the weight of the ammunition is about 30 kg. It is made up of shin guards, helmets, gloves, carapace, and more.

#7 — What Is the Most Expensive Sport?

The most expensive kind of sport is Formula-1 circuit racing. Of course, pilots receive large fees in case of a win, but before that, car owners have to invest a lot of effort and finance themselves. And not only for the equipment itself but also for its maintenance.

#8 — Why Is the Soccer Ball Black and White?

In 1970, when TV sets were still in black and white, matches were already broadcast live. Although bright colours looked grey on TV screens, the black and white soccer ball was bright enough to stand out clearly. Once the situation with television has changed; football leagues decided to keep the tradition.

#9 — Who Was the Youngest Olympic Champion?

Marcel Depaye, an 8-years-old boy, accidentally got to the Olympics of 1900. In the final rowing race, the Dutch coach decided to put a boy in the position of the heavy helmsman, and a youngster has won the race. Marseille became Olympic champion but did not pocket any awards and was not even a part of the winners’ list.

#10 — Are All Chinese Sportsmen of a Small Stature?

The tallest basketball player in the world is Sun Mingming from China. His height is 236 centimetres, and his weight is 152 kilograms.


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