NFL and College Football Watching Food: Healthier Options



Well, it’s Monday night and we’re ready to rock…oh wait “too soon?” Another NFL weekend of television and food consumption ends tonight with the 4-7 San Diego Chargers and 3-8 Jacksonsville Jaguars.

Bleh. But don’t eat your troubles of a horrible game away.

Chances are at least a couple of your “rowdy friends coming over tonight” are morbidly obese. I like food; as much as I like sleeping and sex. Yes, quite original- I know I’m such an individual. However, eating is not a pasttime or a hobby. I hate people who list how much they like to eat as an interest. We can see that by looking at you.

Food’s main purpose is to fuel you through your day- not to fill psychosomatic holes. It’s why we’re offering some healthier but still very tasty culinary options for NFL and college football watching season.


So who is that pictured above, and up top?  Bree Boyce, the reigning Miss South Carolina who won the tiara partially on the strength of her swimsuit competition She lost 110 lbs. over a period of three years, and went from obese at 17 to one day beauty queen. Figured it would be good motivation. (Learn more here)

SURGEX has compiled a list worthy of healthy alternatives for this glorious day, while allowing you to hold on to your man card in the process.


As such, Carl Germano, RD, CDN, a NY Board certified clinical nutritionist and Chief Science Officer of Inergetics – makers of SURGEX, recommends the following delicious, healthy food alternatives for the big game.


Instead Of These Party Killers, Try These Low Fat, More Calorie Friendly Alternatives!

  1. Instead of:     Beef Sliders with Cheese

Try:                Turkey Sliders with sliced tomato


  1. Instead of:     Franks in the Blanket with Mustard

Try:                Chicken Teriyaki Skewers


  1. Instead of:     Nachos with Cheese & Jalapenos

Try:                Baked Nachos with Guacamole, Tomatoes and Jalapenos


  1. Instead of:     Fried Cheese Bread Sticks

Try:                Sourdough Bread Bowl with Low Fat Spinach Dip with celery and carrots


  1. Instead of:     French Fries

Try:                Baked Potato Skins with tomato/basil bruschetta


  1. Instead of:    Beef Chili with Shredded Cheese

Try:                Low Fat Turkey Chili with Black Beans, Corn & Salsa


  1. Instead of:    Fried Buffalo Wings with Ranch dip

Try:                Baked Chicken Wings with hot sauce dip


  1. Instead of:    Regular Pizza

Try:                Whole Wheat Margarita Pizza


  1. Instead of:    Chips, Cookies & Brownies Platter

Try:                Air Popped Popcorn, Oat Pretzels, Fresh Fruit,


10. Instead of:    Beer, Soda, Juice

Try:               Flavored Seltzer and Water

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A Fulbright scholar and MBA, Banks has appeared on live radio all over the world; he’s also a member of the Football Writers Association of America, U.S. Basketball Writers Association, and Society of Professional Journalists. The President of the United States follows him on Twitter (@Paul_M_BanksTSB) You should too.

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