Current Miss South Carolina Once Weighed 234 Pounds!

What an amazing story this: obese at seventeen, three years later a 124 lb beauty queen. This is like Jared from Subway level success story- only sexy.

Meet Bree Boyce, the reigning Miss South Carolina who won the tiara partially on the strength of her swimsuit competition. And she got that aesthetically pleasing in a bikini body by making a lifestyle change, not by dieting.

In 2008, her doctor diagnosed her excessive weight as the source of her knee problems, and warned that she would have more health problems in the future unless she lost a lot of weight from her 5-7 frame.Through healthy eating and exercise, Boyce lost 110 lbs. over a period of three years, and began competing in beauty pageants.

And she has been a guest co-host on “The View,” chatting openly about her weight loss. In fact she’s been a regular media sensation, appearing all over the place to tell her phenomenal story.

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NFL and College Football Watching Food: Healthier Options


Well, it’s Monday night and we’re ready to rock…oh wait “too soon?” Another NFL weekend of television and food consumption ends tonight with the 4-7 San Diego Chargers and 3-8 Jacksonsville Jaguars.

Bleh. But don’t eat your troubles of a horrible game away.

Chances are at least a couple of your “rowdy friends coming over tonight” are morbidly obese. I like food; as much as I like sleeping and sex. Yes, quite original- I know I’m such an individual. However, eating is not a pasttime or a hobby. I hate people who list how much they like to eat as an interest. We can see that by looking at you.

Food’s main purpose is to fuel you through your day- not to fill psychosomatic holes. It’s why we’re offering some healthier but still very tasty culinary options for NFL and college football watching season.

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