Anfield Cat Two: Halloween Feline Invades Liverpool-Man United (Video)



A new animal kingdom star was born Monday night in Liverpool when an oh so cute kitty cat invaded the pitch at Anfield. Welcome to Anfield Cat part 2! A black Halloween cat ventured up Anfield Road and eventually found his way into the field of play, prior to this week’s headliner English Premier League fixture.

Liverpool hosted Manchester United in a very dull goalless draw that did not come even remotely close to living up to the hype, but Anfield Cat was fun and exciting to watch; though the game itself really lacked entertainment value.

anfield cat 2

So who received bad luck, as the superstition goes, from having this black cat cross their path?

That would be the spectators; who had to suffer through a boring edition of tedium. However, this video is a lot of fun and enjoyable to watch.

Have a look:

So that’s Anfield Cat 2, for Anfield Cat 1 we flash back to February 2012, when a local stray named Kenny invaded the pitch, again on a Monday night. Kenny came on during Liverpool’s match against Tottenham Hotspur, and before you knew it, the adorable Anfield Cat 1 Twitter account, had over 47,000 followers. Here’s a couple photos:



There was one more final appearance by the kitty, right as the United team bus was leaving:

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