Points of Vikings Emphasis for Brad Childress During Bye Week


The Minnesota Vikings have finally lived up to 2010 expectations and won their first intra-division game against the Detroit Lions. This is certainly a weight lifted off the shoulders of all associated with the organization, especially Brett Favre and Head Coach Brad Childress. All’s well that ends well, but they are still in the infancy of their sixteen game regular season schedule and there are certainly still areas of concern surrounding the squad.

Offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell has to find ways to cut down on Favre’s interceptions. The latter has always had the label of a gunslinger who can make a gigantic play in crunch time…with the downside that you get a negative outcome half the time. The common denominator with the winless high profile teams coming into this week is that neither Childress nor Wade Phillips is perceived as a mastermind with a headset.

There is only one Bill Belichick in the NFL, so the staff should open the possibilities to things that worked for Favre in Green Bay and various ways to set him up for success through safe plays to Visanthe Shiancoe. The leg injury that he suffered in Sunday’s game against the Detroit Lions is not considered serious.

By Patrick Herbert

After addressing the interceptions, the staff should focus on getting the players healthy. It would have been more beneficial if the NFL had provided the Vikings with the bye week later in the season because there would have been more injuries at that time which will need that extra time to heal.

Center John Sullivan went out during the first few plays of the game and Shiancoe has the leg injury. Since they are both such important cogs in the process, the timing is still beneficial now. The week could also allow Percy Harvin some extra time to address the issue of migraines. He was the leading receiver against the Lions with six receptions and sixty two yards. It is now a chronic issue and a second or third opinion could help shed some light on the subject.

Brad Childress also has to build on the performances of Antoine Winfield and Chad Greenway. The two Big Ten products showed tremendous grit and determination leading the defense in obtaining nine tackles each. With Brett Favre throwing the ball up for grabs lately, the defense should focus on takeaways themselves. Tackling the football instead of the man can allow for more yardage by the offensive player, but it can also lead to big plays by the defense. Doing this in certain situations where it is known that a player is fumble prone could provide a game changing play.

The offense should continue to utilize Adrian Peterson effectively, but limit the tough carries. Much as Matthew Stafford’s loss has taken the wind out of the Lions’ sails, the same would happen if Peterson would suffer an injury. His breakaway speed during his eighty yard run and will be the most effective runner in the league if he keeps possession of the football. Sorry Chris Johnson!

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