Points of Vikings Emphasis for Brad Childress During Bye Week

The Minnesota Vikings have finally lived up to 2010 expectations and won their first intra-division game against the Detroit Lions. This is certainly a weight lifted off the shoulders of all associated with the organization, especially Brett Favre and Head Coach Brad Childress. All’s well that ends well, but they are still in the infancy of their sixteen game regular season schedule and there are certainly still areas of concern surrounding the squad.

Offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell has to find ways to cut down on Favre’s interceptions. The latter has always had the label of a gunslinger who can make a gigantic play in crunch time…with the downside that you get a negative outcome half the time. The common denominator with the winless high profile teams coming into this week is that neither Childress nor Wade Phillips is perceived as a mastermind with a headset.

There is only one Bill Belichick in the NFL, so the staff should open the possibilities to things that worked for Favre in Green Bay and various ways to set him up for success through safe plays to Visanthe Shiancoe. The leg injury that he suffered in Sunday’s game against the Detroit Lions is not considered serious.

By Patrick Herbert

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Iowa’s Clayborn on Football agents and NFL Draft Decisions


Iowa‘s Adrian Clayborn is more than just a top #5-#15 NFL Draft prospect. He’s an interesting interview, and a candid young man with stand-up character. He was the highlight of Big Ten Media Day 2; partially because he was so candid about the transitional process from college to professional football.

“The coaches sit down, and we have a talk with a guy from a program called Pathway to the Pros, they talk to us about agents, and the key thing is- don’t accept anything. You can talk to them on the phone, you can talk to them face to face. Just don’t accept anything and if you do that, you’re golden,” Clayborn told us at Media Day.

By Paul M. Banks

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