Blue Light for Athletes: Blessing or Curse?

For athletes, the health of the body is crucial to their peak performance. Among other practices, athletes maintain their optimum health by getting enough sleep. While blue light from the sun boosts your alertness, endurance, and mental functioning, artificial blue light is a totally different ball game. Blue light from digital devices is a hindrance to getting enough and restful sleep. It also leads to other health issues like eye problems that will keep you off the field as you recuperate or take you off it permanently. As an athlete, you have to be careful not to expose yourself to excess blue light especially at night to keep your performance at its best. Here, you’ll find out whether blue light is good for your performance or not. 

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Will there be any surprises at the Tour de France?

It’s the annual cycling event that attracts more global attention than any other, as millions of viewers from every corner of the world tune in to watch the Tour de France, keen to follow the action at every stage. Over the years, the favourites in the build-up have usually gone on to fulfil their expectations, although sometimes, unexpected champions emerge to upset all the pre-race predictions.

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Top-leading websites to see live football matches

Are you seeking for the best football match live streaming matches? If the same then you have reached the right destination that confers you with the various websites by which you can see the football matches online. Doesn’t matter from where you are? what’s your age? Which language do you support? etc. are things. it’s the necessity because if the site doesn’t support these things then you will not able to use the website and enjoy the match. But here we are going to tell you about some of the major websites that can help you to watch live streaming according to your situation.

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Thibaut Pinot leading French hopefuls at 2020 Tour de France

Often considered the absolute pinnacle for any professional cyclist, winning the Tour de France is the career ambition of every leading competitor, no matter which country they hail from. Nevertheless, the most famous road race in the world has an extra special meaning for French cyclists, which means there’s also an added incentive to triumph.

There’s just one problem for French cyclists and their favourite race of the year, which is to highlight the fact there hasn’t been a homegrown winner since way back in 1985. That was when legendary Bernard Hinault claimed his fifth victory during a magnificent period of eight years, having won for the first time in 1977.

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6 lessons you can learn from the best sports podiatrists

It’s crazy how essential the feet are for the fitness and well-being of an athlete. And if you’re in the speed game, it’s important for athlete safety to handle foot care. You can cover the difficult process of understanding what it takes to get sports podiatry outcomes in this article. Here are a few things that you can learn from the best sports podiatrists.

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Cricket in South Africa is Currently in a Bad State and Here’s Why

Cricket in South Africa is already in a very bad state. This is according to Proteas’ former wicketkeeper and batsman Mark Boucher. He sees the Cricket South Africa or CSA is in a dire state and that the Mzansi Super League or MSL can’t really help when it comes to the problems that CSA has.

The CSA has recently been making a noise because of the recent suspension of its three senior officials. Allegedly, the three officials have neglected their duties in a payment dispute. This was a dispute between the South African Cricketers Association or SACA and the CSA’s MSL.

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The Overall Vision for the County Cricket 2020

The inter-county cricket is known to have started since the early 18th century. These matches mainly involve teams from England and Wales. It was only in the 19th century when county matches were then divided into two.

The first is the County Championship that involved 18 county clubs and the Minor Counties Championship that mainly involved county clubs from England. Prior to 1988, all matches were only scheduled for three days. Each match would usually last for six hours and the interval hours.

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More than average – Team Ingebrigtsen

By Bill Burke

Ingebrigtsen family is one of the most famous of its kind in the Norwegian region. The family interferes in athletic worlds for already a couple of decades. Apparently it comes from the descendants.

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Athletes and Coaches: How to Take Your Skills Off the Field

By Adrian

You know how to lead a huddle. Whether playing an intramural game with friends or coaching your child’s school team, you are a great leader and can rally the troops to play their best. This leadership you possess as an athlete, and possibly a coach, doesn’t have to stop once the game ends. You’d be surprised to find that your leadership skills on the football field can extend to other aspects of your personal and professional life as well. 

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How Roger Federer is Doing Better than Most Against Father Time

2018 will mark the second year in which a period of three weeks runs in between the end of the French Open and the start of Wimbledon. The slight extension of off time between tennis grand slam events may seem like a minor detail, thing but in the extremely structured, overly-micromanaged big money global sporting universe, this is a big deal.

With every event and tournament, there is an extensive amount of energy put into making sure optimum exposure, on multiple levels, is achieved. You have to make considerations for sponsorships, facility needs, venue concerns, athletes, the athletes supports staff and so much more. With so many different competing interests, you better believe that it takes years of behind the scenes maneuvering by the game’s powers-that-be to make this one shift come to fruition.

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Plenty of value on offer in this year’s Coral Eclipse


By Patrick Pierce

A true sign that we’re in the thick of the summer sporting schedule is the arrival of the much-loved Coral Eclipse at Sandown. First contested in 1886, this Group One flat race run over 1m 1f ranks as a real favourite with the game’s purists and a cool £500,000 prize pot ensures the big names come out to play.

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Helio Castroneves the Premier Indy 500 Story Line this Year

indy 500

The 102nd running of the Indianapolis 500 faces a multitude of challenges. Ticket prices have gotten so ridiculously high that they have now priced out their core fan base, and the tourists. Television ratings have sagged so badly that the race will now have to make a change in broadcast rights holders.

In 2017, the Indy 500 saw a 13% drop in ratings, and that made for the worst number in 31 years. America is quickly losing interest in the IndyCar series race which traditionally provides the unofficial opening of summer, and with it, typically some nice wholesome thoughts. A truly compelling storyline is needed now more than ever- enter Helio Castrovenes

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