The Blunt Psychological Diagnosis of Brett Favre


As I was sitting down to delve into my list of New Year’s resolutions, it dawned on me that I had to switch over to my laptop because I was quickly running out of paper. Then, I started to ponder the Minnesota Vikings prospects for the future and realized that my issues pale in comparison to Brett Favre. Those of us who are too lazy and impatient to sit in doctors’ offices instead rely on WebMD for information.

If it could only dispense medication, I would make it my homepage. The following analyses of Favre’s conditions are for entertainment purposes only.

By Patrick Herbert


Narcissism: Focus on the self and admiration of one’s self to the extreme are characteristics of this ailment. Favre undoubtedly suffers from this as evidenced by his need to be on the crawl of ESPN on a daily basis. He flip-flops more than a Washington politician on whether he is going to play in a game or not. What other player needs a motorcade from the airport to team headquarters or their teammates to take a plane to come recruit him?

Delusions: Not being able to tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined is the primary trait of delusions and hallucinations. For example, Jenn Sterger really was an employee for the New York Jets at the same juncture as Brett Favre. He imagined that she would ever have an interest in him (allegedly). The salary of Brett Favre is similar to that of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning while it is delusional to think that his talent level is in the same ballpark as those two who are still in their physical prime. The struggles of the team were quite real throughout much of the season, but the delusion arose in the take that Brad Childress was solely to blame for this. The situation was much more complex than that, but somebody had to be the fall guy.

Addiction: Favre’s need for painkillers in the past could have been related to the streak of consecutive games played. It started out as a noble pursuit where he took the field to help his team no matter what, but then it became a behemoth that was the end itself. Much like Cal Ripken’s streak, the statistic took away from a team sport and made it all about the individual. By the end of it, both players’ presence on the field was more detrimental than their absence would have been.

Apathy: This can be associated with depression or head injuries. As mentioned earlier, Brett Favre had an icy relationship with Childress even though he wished him well upon his termination. Apathy inevitably set in when the realization came that Favre had to look in the mirror. He was apathetic in staying in Hattiesburg, Mississippi during camp. He was apathetic in preparing with the new receiving corps when Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin were lost to injury. This is a symptom that is franchise wide-even coming off a victory over the Philadelphia Eagles.

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