Philadelphia Eagles Beat Writers in Twitter, then Physical Smackdown


If there was a place where the media fights itself, it would likely be the same city where they booed Santa Claus, cheered for serious injuries and threw battery laced snowballs onto the field- yes Philadelphia, if you can avoid assault and battery there, you can avoid assault and battery anywhere.

The field isn’t the only place you can see violence in the NFL.

Even though Eagles writers Jeff McLane and Les Bowen work for newspapers under the same media group, competition is fierce. When McLane broke news that quarterback Michael Vick will be back on Sunday despite an injury, Bowen tweeted snarkily that McLane ‘made it up.’ McLane tweeted back that Bowen was an ‘old man’ not breaking stories anymore.

A Twitter war was on. But the duo wasn’t finished. After a verbal altercation at the Eagles complex, Bowen hit McLane on the head. Only in Philly do we see players giving a blow-by-blow for a fight between the reports. Will the audience join in next?

Check out NMA’s latest video on Philadelphia sports:

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