Otis Wilson Thinks Mitchell Trubisky Isn’t Ready, Sees Mike Glennon as Backup


otis wilson mitchell trubisky mike glennon

Most fans of the 2017 Chicago Bears are not strong advocates of starting quarterback Mike Glennon, and instead want to see what Mitchell Trubisky can do. You know the old adage, the backup QB is the most popular player on any football team.

Here in Chicago though it takes on another level than just the trending topic du jour.

There are major issues at the quarterback position, and everyone has an opinion on this. It’s been the issue dominating local sports talk shows for weeks. In this installment, we hear from Otis Wilson, legendary linebacker and member of the Super Bowl XX Championship team.

otis wilson mitchell trubisky mike glennon

“Mama’s Boy Otis,” who’s one of kind, the ladies all love him for his body and mind, believes that Mike Glennon is purely back-up material, not a true QB1. He also believes that it is not quite time for Mitchell Trubisky yet. 

“I don’t think Mitch is ready yet, some guys as rookies can come in, but he needs some time,” Wilson said at the Built Ford Tough Toughest Tailgate at Brookfield Zoo Saturday.

“I think he’s a great quarterback, he’ll have a good career, a long career if he keeps working hard, but if they throw him to the wolves, I don’t think it’s the right thing to do.”

Glennon has five interceptions and five fumbles in the first four games of the season. He threw two interceptions and lost two fumbles in the blow out loss to the Packers last night. Head Coach John Fox doesn’t like to play rookies early on, but Mitchell Trubisky might give the Bears a bump up, simply from his not being Mike Glennon.

mitchell trubisky

Fox might have to do something that he just doesn’t do and play him soon because he’s only 1-3 at the first quarter of the season now complete. He might not survive the final quarter of the season if this losing continues.

“Glennon on the other hand, (it’s just) my personal opinion but I wasn’t a fan of taking a second string quarterback.”

“If you’re going to draft somebody number one and then go get a number two guy to be my number one guy- it didn’t make sense to me, but I don’t pick and I don’t pay, I’m just a fan on the sidelines, but I played this game before and if I’m going to take a #2 quarterback he’s going to be a #2 quarterback, not a a #1”

The interview with Wilson, conducted inside an air conditioned Ford truck at an event that coincided with the hottest day of the year, included plenty of insight, as well as many humorous moments. I suggest you give it a listen, via Sound Cloud, below:

Super Bowl XX MVP Richard Dent threw his punditry hat into the ring as well. He had a lot of strong takes on the QB position (read that here) and he thinks that he Bears might have gotten tricked by the San Francisco 49ers in their draft night trade to acquire Mitchell Trubisky.

Dent is aware of the roster’s short-comings, and knows very well that the quarterback, regardless of who it is, has a limited amount of talent to work with.

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