Otis Wilson Only Luke Warm on Chicago Bears QB Mitch Trubisky (Exclusive)


Chicago Bears linebacking legend Otis Wilson didn’t use the term “game manager” when opining on Mitch Trubisky, but he espoused ideas that essentially evoked the quasi-condescending term. Most Bears fans wouldn’t be too excited about the idea of believing and accepting Wilson’s premise- that the second year signal caller is limited in his ceiling.

During during our exclusive conversation at a community event this past weekend, Wilson described Trubisky in a manner that fit Kyle Orton; or maybe even Jim McMahon. (It is worth noting that McMahon did win a Super Bowl here, and he was certainly no Drew Brees or Peyton Manning, as an article today on NFL.com listed his as the 53rd best of the 61 QBs who have ever started a Super Bowl)

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“Trubisky, I’ll give him another year and if he’s doing the same thing, I’ll say he’s just an okay pick; he shouldn’t have been a number one,” Wilson said during our one-on-one at southern fried chicken restaurant Split Rail, where he gave a talk on community resources, and discussed the Otis Wilson charitable association. The event was put together by Theresa Siaw, a candidate for 26th Ward Alderman.

“Cuz when you pick someone number one, they should make a huge difference like the kid in Kansas City (Patrick Mahomes)- that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.”

Wilson admitted that Trubisky has no doubt progressed, but he just doesn’t see him as a transcendent, other-worldly kind of quarterback.

(As we covered yesterday, #55 is certainly not a fan of PK Cody Parkey’s going on the Today Show by the way)

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“In looking at him, I’ll tell you the god’s honest truth- he looks like one of those guys that’s not an Elway, that’s not a Marino, that’s not a Montana, not a Brady, but if he stays in his box, and do what he does well, he can be okay.”

“He can beat you with his feet and he throws okay.”

“He doesn’t throw the long ball well, but he can throw medium range passes and keep the chains moving. John Madden said it best- find out what they do and let ‘em do it.”

Trubisky made huge strides this year- the numbers overwhelmingly verify this. His TD-INT ratio improved from even to 2-1, his completion rate by 7%, his yards per attempt by .8, his passer rating by almost 20 points and his QBR by over 40.

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And yes, the week four contest against Tampa Bay with the six touchdown passes and no interceptions obviously had a lot do with that. However, just yesterday he was named to the Pro Bowl, after having been originally named an alternate for the All-Star game.

If Trubisky makes another leap forward in year three from year two, like he did in year two over year one, he could be something special.

Wilson remains only mildly impressed though. He certainly has a strong point given how Trubisky only ranked in the middle of pack, or slightly lower, for all the major quarterback statistics this season.

The lone exception was QBR, where he finished 4th in the NFL.

mitch trubisky

“Football is very very simple, you have a great running back in (Jordan) Howard, you got a good scat back in (Tarik) Cohen, throw the five yard passes, keep the chains moving and you know what the defense does, (if the Bears did this) we would have been in the Super Bowl,” Wilson concluded. 

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