Chicago Bears Legend Otis Wilson Says Cody Parkey Doing the Today Show “was stupid” (Exclusive)


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Chicago Bears legend Otis Wilson is in the same camp as current head coach Matt Nagy and General Manager Ryan Pace when it comes to placekicker Cody Parkey’s decision to appear on the Today Show- very much against it.

“I don’t think he should have done it, I thought it was stupid,” Wilson said during our exclusive conversation at a community event this past weekend.

“C’mon, you’re the main reason we lost, and you’re going on TV, what’s that going to do? We already know what you did.”

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Wilson appeared at southern fried chicken restaurant Split Rail, where he gave a talk on community resources, and discussed the Otis Wilson charitable association (or Otis Wilson foundation).

During his speech at the event, which was produced by Theresa Siaw, a candidate for 26th Ward Alderman, he assessed the Bears as a team with a “great defense, good offense and a terrible kicker.”

He was at least partially joking on that last part, as he described the Bears placekicker position as “unfortunately up and down, and they should address that in the offseason” during our one-on-one. 

All indications given by Pace so far projects the Bears to move on from Parkey, who the organization paid $9,000,000 this past season, and whose dismissal would mean taking a $4.4 million salary cap hit.

In terms of a replacement, we’ve heard incessant chatter about the team’s potentially bringing back Robbie Gould, whose contract is up in San Francisco. Given how the Bears paid $9 million to Parkey in 2018, Gould’s agent would rightfully demand a much higher salary for his client, who is the franchise’s all-time leading scorer.

If the Bears are unwilling to spend the money, then perhaps they should watch this video a few times:

Wilson isn’t sure if the team will move on from Parkey though.

“I don’t know, ain’t no telling what they’re going to do, but you’re right (about the team’s leadership being very unhappy with him is a factor) that’s one good point. It might cost him.”

The Bears are angry that Parkey did the show without informing the team. The Chicago media is furious that he did the show while also blowing off the team’s final media availability of the season, a session where his presence was requested by multiple outlets.

Whatever Parkey thought he was doing in trying to spread whatever his message really is, it has seemingly missed the mark; just like many of his field goal and extra point attempts.

Of the 30 placekickers who had a large enough body of work to qualify for statistical ranking, Parkey was 28th in field goal percentage accuracy and 24th on extra points.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that if you’re the sort who wished harm on Parkey and/or his family over his missed kick, or you’re okay with people who do that sort of thing- please click away and don’t come back.

We don’t want your readership.

If you’re somebody who does not fit that bill, then please return tomorrow when we’ll have part two of this Otis Wilson exclusive, in which we talk about quarterback Mitchell Trubisky and his development.

Paul M. Banks runs The Sports, which is partnered with News Now. Banks, a former writer for NBC and Chicago, regularly appears as a guest pundit on WGN CLTV and co-hosts the “Let’s Get Weird, Sports” podcast on SB Nation

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  1. David Kafka says

    I’m a life long Bears fan. My great grandfather was the attorney general in Chicago in the late 20’s so I come from a long family history of Bear fans. The fans are angry with there kicker for good reason but anyone who wants harm to befall Cody Parkey or his loved ones obviously need mental health help from a professional. He is young and hopefully mentally strong enough to bounce back from this possible career ending season of horror.


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