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Welcome to our very first 2022 NFL mock draft! For our latest 2021 NFL mock go here. Team needs were sometimes, but mostly not taken into account here. Our projections for the 2021 Draft were rarely, but most often not taken into account. The order is of course based on how we feel the NFL will play itself out in 2021.

Here is the link to a list of 70 of the worst NFL Draft cliches, buzzwords and other pointless word salad.

You can get ready for the NFL draft this weekend (Thu-Sat) with BetQL’s computer picks. They’ll come in handy this NFL season too. The 2021 NFL talking season begins this week, starting with the draft, and you’ll need all the information you can get, in order to stay on top of things.

Far as we know, we’re the only mom and pop shop, small business style site on the whole world wide web that does a mock draft for all four major American sports. Here’s the links to the latest mocks for the NBA, MLB and NHL.

1. Bears, Sam Howell, QB, North Carolina

Yes, we believe it will be a really bear market for wins in Chicago this fall. Given how their offseason went, it’s certainly not a hot take to think they’ll end up with the worst record in the NFL. And I know what you’re saying- “drafting a QB from North Carolina again? Really?”

Apples to oranges with this guy and Trubisky.


2. Jaguars, Garrett Wilson, WR, Ohio State

They’ll probably draft Trevor Lawrence, and this gives them a catch to go with the pitch. It should be another long season in JAX, so expect them to be back in the top five selections. Look for Urban Meyer to go to the talent pool he helped build for this pick. For more on how the Jags need to get the 2021 Draft absolutely, positively 100% correct go here.


3. Jets, Kayvon Thibodeaux, DE, Oregon

If I were Jets, I would go best player available who isn’t a QB, or at least, best defensive player available. A top tier pass rusher would be optimal.

For more on how the Jets need to get the 2021 Draft absolutely, positively 100% correct go here.

4. Lions, Kedon Slovis, QB, USC

They’ll give Jared Goff a chance this season, and it won’t go well, so they’ll be back in the dregs of the league and looking for a new signal caller next year.

For more on their current draft needs go here.

5. Bengals, Nick Broeker, OT, Mississippi

Would be optimal to get an elite personal protector for Joe Burrow, provided they get him a top tier pass catcher too. I would suggest nabbing the WR in 2021, the OT in 2022.

6. Raiders, Kyle Hamilton, S, Notre Dame

Hamilton did not throw away his shot, to make a name for himself, as soon as he got on the South Bend campus.

As a freshman he was seventh on the team in tackles (41), tied for second in passes defended (6), led the team in interceptions (4) and scored the only defensive touchdown in 2019. In his sophomore season, Hamilton  was one of the leaders of the defense, as he continued his fast learning curve.

Sure, there’s still a million things he hasn’t done, but just you wait, just you wait.

For more on Hamilton go here.

7. Panthers, Sevyn Banks, CB, Ohio State

In the words of the immortal Prince: “All seven andwe’ll watch them fall. They stand in the way of love and we will smoke them all. With an intellect (Huh), and a savoir faire, no one in the whole universe will ever compare.”

As lacking as the OSU secondary was, you can’t blame it on Banks. Panthers roll the dice and hope it comes up lucky number 7.

8. Giants, Derek Stingley Jr., CB, LSU

He could surpass Banks and become the first CB off the board. LSU is DBU these days, and Stingley is the latest example of this trend.

9. Texans, Desmond Ridder, QB, Cincinnati

Deshaun Watson is going to get his way out of deep in the heart of Texas, and when he does Houston is going to have to rebuild.

It all starts with trying to find another franchise quarterback.


10. Falcons, George Karlaftis, DE, Purdue

Karlaftis, was a 5-star DE who elected to stay home instead of playing for a blue blood. He’s a large human being who stepped in and immediately wreaked some havoc in West Lafayette, and he should continue the trend at the next level.

He brings a varied skill set that will make his draft stock rise high.


11. Eagles, Logan Brown, OT, Wisconsin

The Badgers are a quiet football factory as most of their stars at the next level play the most non-glamor position of offensive line. However, they have really produced a lot of quality OL, and Brown could be the best yet.

12. Washington, Zach Harrison, DE, Ohio State

Filling in for the suspended Chase Young in 2019, he really asserted himself off the edge. At 6’6? and 265 pounds, his speed is pretty amazing, when you consider his massive size.

13. Broncos, Spencer Rattler QB, Oklahoma

I’m just not buying Drew Lock, and I think by this time next year, most everybody else will be on that page. Time for the mile high city to start over again at the most important position in sports.


14. Dolphins (from 49ers) Chris Hinton, DT, Michigan

5-star prospect looks to follow in his father’s footsteps. His dad, with the same name, was the 4th overall pick out of Northwestern, and he went on to make 7 Pro Bowls in his career.

15. Eagles (from Dolphins), George Pickens, WR, Georgia

A big physical target who will win pretty much every jump ball, or 51-49 balls. We call them that, just because we’re simply tired of the cliche buzzword 50/50 balls.

clemson tigers

16. Cowboys, Sheridan Jones, CB, Clemson

Look for Big D to go best player on D available at this slot.

17. Lions (from Rams) Taron Vincent (DT) – Ohio State 

Lions badly need to revamp and improve much of their front seven. OSU is really becoming DLU, D Line U. right now

mississippi state dance team

18. Browns, Charles Cross, OT, Mississippi State

At 6’5″ 270, he might need to pack on a few more pounds of muscle, but even if he doesn’t, the right NFL team will pick him up and get him on the program.

19. Eagles (from Colts) Justyn Ross, WR, Clemson

Instant impact as a freshman, a serious injury derailed his sophomore season. He’ll be back with a vengeance this year, and at 6-3 215, with sensational speed, he has first rounder written all over him.

alabama cheerleaders

20. Cardinals, Evan Neal, OG, Alabama

360-pound lineman who can move very well, which almost seems impossible.

21. Patriots, Marcus Hooker, S, Ohio State

Maybe there is just too much Ohio State in this draft. We admittedly maybe overdid it a bit in this regard. Like 2021 will end up being the Bama draft, 2022 will be the Buckeye draft.

penn state football christian hackenberg

22. Vikings, Rasheed Walker, OT, Penn State

PSU has developed into a consistent offensive juggernaut, every year, these days. Walker has certainly done his part, and you can see that by all the explosion plays, or chunk plays that go to his side.

23. Ravens, Bubba Bolden, S, Miami

By far the most fun name to say in this draft class, and oh, he’s one hell of a DB too.

jim-harbaugh-michigan football 2015 nfl mock draft

24. Titans, Aidan Hutchinson, DT, Michigan 

The Dearborn native’s father, Chris Hutchinson, was an All-American and team captain at Michigan.

25. Saints, Jayden Daniels, QB, Arizona State 

It is time to draft Drew Brees’ possible eventual succesor

26. Chargers, Jahan Dotson, WR, Penn State

With 52 receptions for 884 yards and eight touchdowns in only nine games last fall, this Nittany Lion made the leap. We expect him to do it again this autumn, and with it, ramp up production again this year.

27. Buccaneers, Chris Olave, WR Ohio State

From the Buckeyes to the Buccaneers, Olave is a dark horse to keep an eye on. Some mocks have him on their radar, but many don’t. They shouldm because he brings tremendous speed and incredible route running skills.

28. Steelers, Owen Pappoe, ILB, Auburn

Why do we often mock a linebacker to the Steelers? Good question. It is strange. But then again we seem to get their picks

29. Jets (from Seahawks), Drake Jackson, DT, USC

You know when the NFL Draft room hotline bling, then can only mean one thing. They’ll draft Drake, as the Jets started from the bottom now we….well, they’ve got the bottom part done already, the “now we here is going to take some time.

For more on how the Jets need to get the 2021 Draft absolutely, positively 100% correct go here.

purdue boilermaker train track

30. Bills, David Bell, WR, Purdue

Rondale Moore got all the hype, and Purdue fans will be the first to tell you that they thought he was going to win at least 2 Heisman Trophy awards, and thus he really overshadowed Bell. However, this is the guy who might actually end up having the better pro career out of the two.

31. Packers, Bo Nix, QB, Auburn

The Packers never really have an extremely off year, or a really down year, so their only chance to draft Aaron Rodgers’ eventual replacement will be late in the first round…unless they want to get ambitious about trading a lot of picks to move up. Why was Jordan Love deemed the answer two years ago? Seriously, Jordan Love- you forcing Aaron Rodgers to walk out the door for that guy?

That’s your plan?

notre dame pro day

32. Chiefs, Bo Bauer, ILB, Notre Dame

Inside linebackers are like centers and running backs, you have to absolutely fly, to get to places that other positions can simply walk to. Bauer is one of those guys- he’s just that special of an ILB and he’ll go high in this class.

2022 NFL Mock Draft Best of the rest, just missed, others in the first round mix

Khalil Shakir, WR, Boise State, Justin Egoigbe, DE, Alabama, Ayodele Adeoye, OLB, Texas, Wanya Morris, OT, Tennessee, Jamaree Salyer, OT, Georgia, Christian Harris, OLB, Alabama, Merlin Robertson, OLB, Arizona State, Nikolas Bonitto, OLB, Oklahoma, Tyler Davis, DT, Clemson

notre dame pro day

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