Tomi Lahren Fails Upwards, Officially Joins FOX News Channel



Since her dismissal from Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze (it is one word, not two for some reason) network, Tomi Lahren has obviously been going out of her way to move away from her alt-right reputation. Lahren has obviously been trying to rebrand herself as a far right pundit, somewhat closer to the mainstream discussion, instead of extremist ideology with which she is currently synonymous.

As expected, she now joins FOX News Channel, which is a natural fit for her worldview, which often syncs up with the platforms and beliefs of white nationalists.

Tomi Lahren announced her move to FNC, which begins tonight with an appearance on Sean Hannity’s show, via her Facebook page. “I am blessed and honored to join the Fox News team. This exciting new step will allow me to give voice to all the America-loving patriots who have had my back since day one,” Lahren wrote.

“I will remain a solid and passionate advocate for you. Thank you for following me on my journey. I assure you, I will always stand up and speak out for our brave service members, our law enforcement community, our veterans and hardworking Americans from coast to coast.”

Given the white supremacist tone that FNC has shifted towards recently, this move doesn’t really make her more mainstream.

However, it does ensure that her 15 minutes of fame are definitely not up, a criticism that Tomi Lahren herself acknowledges as being consistently leveled against her. If anything, this move is just another example of “failing upwards,” a phenomenon that has become all too common in today’s news and media landscape.

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