Tomi Lahren Addresses Beliefs that her 15 Minutes are Up, Diva Accusations



Now that Tomi Lahren and her former employer, Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze (yes, it really is spelled that way, no space between the two words for some bizarre reason) have settled their legal dispute, the alt-right millenial gun nut is speaking up and speaking out.

Her period of radio silence is long over, and she gave an exclusive interview to Playboy where she covered a multitude of topics.

She hit back accusations claiming she’s a major diva and impossible to work with.

“One thing my parents never raised me to be was a diva. I’m pretty low maintenance,” the far right firebrand told the magazine famous for nude photos of the types of women who look exactly like Tomi Lahren.

“I’m the hardest worker you’ll ever meet. Anything to the contrary, I would look at the source and ask what their motivation is for saying this. Are they doing it because they really think that or are we in a lawsuit and they’re trying to smear me?”

She also maintains that her career is not over despite being fired from TheBlaze, and promises to persist in staying relevant.

“Those who feel threatened by you or your success will seek to tear you down, but I’m not going anywhere. People tell me all the time that my 15 minutes are up. Well, my 15 minutes have been a couple years now, and every month I seem to have a viral moment.”


It’s been a very rough year thus far for many on the extremist right of the American political spectrum. Just like with Tomi Lahren, there are serious doubts about the career futures of Alex Jones and Bill O’Reilly, with potential trouble for Sean Hannity looming.

Having conservatives control all three branches of government has posed a major problem thus far for far right pundits. Lahren also gave her take on what she considers feminism and female empowerment to be. At least that’s what it seems like she’s trying to say, it’s hard to make sense of her rambling verbal diarrhea and nonsensical word salad.

Via Playboy:


“To say that a woman can be simplified into wanting free abortions or free birth control, and by using a false statistic like the 77 cents on the dollar is bullshit; to say that’s what female empowerment is? That’s discrediting and insulting to women like myself.  “Saying, ‘Give me, give me, give me’ is not female empowerment. As a woman, I care more about immigration than I do free birth control. Does that make me anti-woman? No, it just means that I don’t wake up everyday and think of myself first and foremost as a woman.”

“I think of myself as an American, as a daughter, as a friend. I don’t wake up and think, ‘What can I get for free today because I’m a woman’ or use my gender to further some kind of entitlement for me.”

That’s not quite as bad, but almost, as the time she got absolutely destroyed by Daily Show host Trevor Noah in a debate over the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Lahren also addressed those who “always talk down” to her because she’s a “young blonde female.”

Awwww. Poor Snowflake! Are those mean critics bursting your safe space? Are you triggered by micro-aggressions? Maybe the reason people condescend to this 24-year-old with no governmental or public policy experience is because she has no qualifications to opine on the serious issues that she continually bloviates upon.

We all have to ask ourselves- why do we care what she thinks given that she has zero expertise on these important topics?

Only time will tell if Tomi Lahren parting ways with TheBlaze will result in her “failing upwards,” or her eventual, and much needed, fade back into obscurity.

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