The Most Important Off-Season in Miami Heat History


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Will Dwyane Wade be back?  If so, what marquee free agent will come with him?  Is LeBron interested in coming to South Beach?  It is an off-season swirling with franchise altering possibilities for the Miami Heat.

By: David Kay

’09-’10 Season in Review:

It was a one man show this past season for the Miami Dwyane Wades, er, I mean, Heat.  Wade didn’t come near putting up the ridiculous numbers like he did in 2008-2009, but still proved he can carry an average team on his back and into the playoffs.

This past season, the Heat were in a holding pattern trying to accumulate as many expiring contracts as possible while still putting a solid product on the floor.  While Miami could have dealt the expiring contracts of veterans Jermaine O’Neal, Udonis Haslem, and Quentin Richardson to add some talent in hopes of making a post-season push, but the franchise was set on clearing as much cap space as possible in hopes of making a run at some of the marquee free agents this off-season.  Mission accomplished.  Miami only has two players definitely under contract for next season and has the potential to make a major splash in free agency thus re-structuring the fact of their franchise.

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  1. Patrick Herbert says

    Stay in Miami D Wade. No state income tax down in Florida and Riley might come back to the bench.

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