Bulls TV Analyst Kendall Gill breaks down Free Agency Prospects


The NBA free agency season has just begun, and trust me- it will be a hundred times more interesting and exciting than last year’s NBA regular season. I say that without hyperbole.

And if you don’t believe me check out these tweets from Chris Bosh himself, the third most sought after free agent in this class. Bosh posted them right before: “I’ve been watching this clock and it won’t speed up!”

and after: “The time is finally here. Thank you for all the support. I’m nervous, but I’m excited and READY! LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!!!!!” open season officially commenced.

And the Chicago Bulls are premier players in this free agency period. Former Bull Kendall Gill was added to Comcast SportsNet’s studio coverage of the Chicago Bulls as analyst prior to the ‘06-‘07 season. He also serves as college basketball analyst for the Big Ten Network.

I recently had an exclusive with Gill where we talked Bulls free agency prospects.

By Paul M. Banks

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NBA Free Agent Small Forward Rankings

LeBron James Cavs

Not sure if you heard, but at midnight EST tonight LeBron James will officially become a free agent.  No, seriously.  He will.  I know it hasn’t been talked about at all, but it’s a fact.  So will a whole bunch of other guys.  David Kay breaks down the top free agent small forwards that will hit the market when the clock strikes 12.

By: David Kay

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The Most Important Off-Season in Miami Heat History

Dwyane Wade Heat

Will Dwyane Wade be back?  If so, what marquee free agent will come with him?  Is LeBron interested in coming to South Beach?  It is an off-season swirling with franchise altering possibilities for the Miami Heat.

By: David Kay
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Did Joe Johnson Play His Last Game with the Hawks?

By: David Kay

Talk about embarrassing.  The Magic treated the Hawks like Billy Madison treated the kindergarteners he played dodge ball against; absolutely white washing them all over the floor.  Orlando swept Atlanta out of the second round of the Eastern Conference playoffs, whipping the birds by an average of almost 23 points per game.  The Hawks seemed unmotivated, like they didn’t care, and mailed it worse than Jay Leno when he was moved to a prime-time television slot.

It seemed as if this group didn’t get along and had zero interest in playing for one another.  They obviously did not respect their head coach Mike Woodson as they constantly were daydreaming during timeouts and as result, Woodson will certainly be out of a job within the next week or so.  So what’s next?

The Hawks face the likely possibility of losing star shooting guard Joe Johnson this off-season since Johnson is an unrestricted free agent.  He will not be as coveted as LeBron James or Dwyane Wade, but will certainly be a nice consolation prize for whichever team lands him.  Here are my predictions as to which team has the best chance of signing Johnson this summer.
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Where Will Chris Bosh Land this Summer?

By: David Kay

While every NBA team with tons of cap space will be targeting LeBron James and Dwyane Wade as the main prizes in the much anticipated 2010 off-season, Chris Bosh will not be a terrible plan B.  The Raptors free agent has emerged into one of the most talented and versatile big men in the NBA.  This past season, he set career-highs in points and rebounds per game, and field goal percentage.

While Bosh’s name has been linked to possibly ending up in the same spot as LeBron or D-Wade, Bosh has stated time and time again that he wants to go some place where he can be the alpha dog and not the number two option.  Teams have a decision to make this off-season; put all their eggs in the ‘Bron or Wade sweepstakes and possibly miss out on landing Bosh or make Bosh their number one priority from the get-go to prove he is the player they covet.
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