Ray Allen shows “He Got Game”



Let’s face it, Game 1 of the NBA Finals was a dud. The Lakers dominated every aspect of the game, forcing us to hear the talk of a L.A. sweep. We also heard LeBron getting criticized for trying to overshadow the NBA Finals. If one man’s interview could overpower the biggest stage of basketball, then it isn’t LeBron’s fault, it’s the Celtics’ fault.

If Boston was going to show up each game and put on the same performance they did in Game 1, then the NBA Finals deserved to get overshadowed. Hell, if every game was like Game 1, then the NBA should be worried about PBS overshadowing the Finals.

After watching the Lakers dominate the Celtics I was pretty much ready to tune out and go into full World Cup-mode.

Enter Walter Ray Allen.

By Justin Mertes-Mistretta


To say he was feeling it is as much of an understatement as saying Warren Buffet is rich. Jesus Shuttlesworth couldn’t miss on Sunday night, shooting 80 percent from downtown in the first half (I refer to Ray Allen as Jesus Shuttlesworth, which is his movie name, Walter Ray Allen, which is his birth name and Ray Ray. Once you own a fathead of your favorite player, as I do, you reserve the right to call him whatever you want).  His eight threes broke the record for most triples in an NBA Finals game.

As a white boy whose only skill was shooting, I remember the feeling of being on fire. The hoop feels like it is 10 miles wide and anything you throw up is going in. Granted, I was never as good as Ray Ray, but I guarantee that he had the same feeling. It’s evident by watching him. When he is feeling it he comes off screens looking to shoot with no hesitation. There is something about seeing him lose his defender in a screen, quickly releasing a three for a swoosh. I bet the Jake Shuttlesworth in Denzel Washington, a known L.A. Lakers fan, couldn’t help but cheer for Allen.

I said it on my podcast and I’ll say it again, there will be games where Ray Allen is on fire and on those nights the Celtics are almost unbeatable. Allen is arguably Boston’s fourth best player after Pierce, Rondo and Garnett. Having a fourth option that can score 30 points on any given night is one nice luxury to have.

As much as I love Jesus Shuttlesworth/Ray Ray/Walter Ray Allen, I’m still sticking to my original pick. I think the Celtics take two of three in Boston and the series goes back to L.A., but in the end I think the Lakers win in seven. Just like everyone jumped the gun by picking the Lakers after Game 1, people will be picking Boston now.

Let’s see how Kobe Bryant responds to Ray Allen showing him up in Game 2. After looking like someone shot his dog in the post-game conference, I don’t think Kobe will have trouble getting motivated for Game 3.

As if Kobe needed any more motivation, Pierce decided to throw some bulletin board material Kobe’s way. After the game, Pierce said, “We ain’t coming back to LA”. If you recall, Pierce said a similar comment after Boston took a 3-0 lead on Orlando. The Magic responded by winning two in a row, eventually losing in Game 6. However, the Lakers are not down 3-0 and the last person you want to give bulletin board material to would be Kobe Bryant.

Just ask Amare Stoudemeire and the Phoenix Suns how that worked out for them.

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