Lakers vs. Celtics NBA Finals: “Kobe can’t do it all by himself”


I keep hearing, “Kobe can’t do it all by himself” and I think therein lies the problem. Kobe Bryant is trying to win this series by himself. Granted, he has been unstoppable at times scoring 38 points and shooting 48 percent from the field in Game 5, but the Lakers were still unable to get the victory.

The rest of this series may go a long way to writing the rest of Kobe’s legacy. Come back from down 3-2 to win the series and Kobe could finally be put in MJ’s sphere-maybe? Lose tonight and Kobe will have lost another NBA Finals series. He would have to hear the critiques say: “He’s just not the winner that MJ was.” Fair or not, it’s that simple.

by Justin Mertes-Mistretta

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Ray Allen shows “He Got Game”


Let’s face it, Game 1 of the NBA Finals was a dud. The Lakers dominated every aspect of the game, forcing us to hear the talk of a L.A. sweep. We also heard LeBron getting criticized for trying to overshadow the NBA Finals. If one man’s interview could overpower the biggest stage of basketball, then it isn’t LeBron’s fault, it’s the Celtics’ fault.

If Boston was going to show up each game and put on the same performance they did in Game 1, then the NBA Finals deserved to get overshadowed. Hell, if every game was like Game 1, then the NBA should be worried about PBS overshadowing the Finals.

After watching the Lakers dominate the Celtics I was pretty much ready to tune out and go into full World Cup-mode.

Enter Walter Ray Allen.

By Justin Mertes-Mistretta

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Celtics vs. Lakers: NBA Finals Preview


The Lakers/Celtics NBA rivalry dates all the way back to the Magic/Bird days. Kevin McHale taking down Kurt Rambis sparked the physical rivalry.

Magic’s famous hook-shot to beat the Celtics in the 1987 Finals went down as one of the greatest shots of all-time. Oh the memories…. Wait a second; I wasn’t even alive during any of this. While it may be a great storyline to talk about the historical significance of the matchup, it isn’t at all relevant. Many of the current Lakers/Celtics players weren’t around during that era and even if they were, it doesn’t have any effect on the outcome of this series. Nevertheless, the rivalry between these two teams is undeniable, and it’s more recent than you think.

by Justin Mertes-Mistretta

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